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One of the main drawbacks of growing cannabis indoors is the smell that the plants give off. Cannabis plants generate a resin rich in essential oils that, together with cannabinoids such as THC, generate that particular smell. This odor can become a problem if it manages to spread outside the grow tent and cannot be remedied. One of the ways to retain the odor is through the use of activated carbon filters. The question we ask you is: Do you know what an activated carbon filter is and how it works? Well, we will explain it to you!

What is activated charcoal?

activated carbon

Carbon is possibly one of the most absorbent materials we have in nature.

The activated carbon It is a material that has been treated from different wood of trees and / or fruit shells, such as coconut, and that has been treated to further enhance the absorbent properties of its micropores.

These fruit and tree peels are handled through a carbonization process at a temperature higher than 400ºC while a quantity of steam is applied to open their pores as much as possible and, in this way, achieve greater absorption capacity. .

How does an activated carbon filter work?


The activated carbon filters They are cylindrical-shaped tanks, made of plastic or metal that contain a double profile filled with active carbon inside that is responsible for letting the air pass and trapping the odorous air particles that circulate inside.

These filters are usually placed in indoor grow cabinets in order to filter all the smell produced by the plants inside and prevent it from spreading outside.

Activated carbon filters work thanks to the adhesion of the air molecules that circulates through the cylinder to a surface, in this case, to a carbon surface. As we have discussed previously, charcoal is one of the most absorbent materials that exist, making it the ideal material to trap odor.

The interior of the carbon filter contains a corridor through which the air circulates, in addition to walls filled with activated carbon in the form of micro-granules or pellets that are responsible for absorbing these odorous molecules.

By absorbing the air inside the grow tent, a vacuum is created, which forces the air to be pushed to circulate through the carbon filter.

The activated carbon filter is connected to a extractor using a flexible aluminum tube. This extractor placed at the end of the aluminum tube is in charge of sucking the odorless air from the carbon filter to the outside of the grow tent.

Once the extractor sucks the air from inside, the activated carbon filter will be in charge of trapping the odorous air, preventing it from escaping to the outside through the flexible aluminum tube.

How often do they need to be changed? change-filter-carbon

The activated carbon filters They are completely efficient and can last for a long time until they fill up and have to be cleaned or replaced with a new one if you have been using it for a long time.

These activated carbon filters are sold in various sizes and shapes. There are some flat carbon filters and others with a cylindrical shape to be able to adapt to any odor extraction system that the grower is using, although the most common is the cylindrical one.

Generally, a grower with only two or three plants does not need a carbon filter exhaust system, but if there are more plants an odor problem may be created and a charcoal filter is required to remove that odor. characteristic of cannabis plants.

How to install an activated carbon filter?


There are several ways to install an activated carbon filter, although in MatillaPlant we want to explain the easiest way to do it.

Although it is not a difficult task to perform, you will have to keep in mind that you must place it in the upper part of the grow tent for it to function optimally.

To connect the activated carbon filter you will need the following materials:

Steps to install an activated carbon filter.

  1. First, we will connect the carbon filter with the flexible aluminum conduit and tighten it with the clamp.
  2. Once connected, we will place the filter on the ceiling inside the grow tent, fixing it with pulleys placed on the sides.
  3. We will remove the flexible aluminum conduit to the outside of the grow tent through the hole in the closet and place the extractor at the opposite end of the flexible aluminum tube. It is important that you make sure that the extractor is working properly before installing it.
  4. Finally, you will have to fix the extractor with the clamp so that it does not detach from the tube and… voila!
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Filter maintenance is important to make sure it works as from day one.

Coal tends to compact when it is used for a certain time, so it loses its qualities and effectiveness. For this reason, it is important to check it monthly to check both the condition of the outer jacket and the filter.

If you notice that the filter is dirty, remove it and hit it on a hard surface to remove all the embedded carbon dust.

If the carbon dust comes out of the filter without a problem, it means that it is not yet compacted and that you can continue using it.

If not, it may be compacted and will not come out easily. Replace it with a new one.

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