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Appetizing and colorful, CBD candy take the shape, look and even taste of the sweets of our childhood. It makes you want to plunge your whole hand into the package! However, behind their colored sugar or their good gelatin little bear boil, CBD candy is not like any other candy. They are primarily intended for enjoy the effects of cannabidiol and should therefore be used with a minimum of caution. The Weedy team tells you more about CBD candy, their pros and cons, how to choose them, and how to safely consume them.

CBD candies: what products are available on the market?

CBD candies are mostly chewable lozenges

Between legal vagueness, meteoric expansion of the market and young companies scenting for the right thing, the cannabis sector sometimes shows us the worst and best it can do. CBD candies are a perfect example of this since you can find a little of everything on the market. Some seek quality, with CBD accurately dosed, full spectrum extracts (full spectrum) to take advantage of the entourage effect and an explicit packaging on the contents of the package to distinguish them from the sweets that children are used to. Others on the contrary seek to ride the wave and offer carbon copies of our good old classic candies … with more or less CBD inside, of more or less good quality.

The first step in the face of the desire to taste a CBD candy is therefore to choose it well !

What are the effects of CBD candy?

The effects of CBD candy are first and foremost the effects of CBD. Depending on their needs, consumers are therefore looking for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory, relaxant and sleep-onset facilitator effect. However, to feel the effects of CBD, you need to consume a certain amount. Otherwise you will not feel anything, or at least not much. We mentioned, in an article dedicated to CBD in food, that some studies have already tried to define the minimum amount of CBD useful for marked effects. The lowest threshold mentioned is thus 15 milligrams per person per day. In countries where medical cannabis is permitted, some prescriptions go up to several hundred milligrams. Be careful, this does not mean that you have to binge on CBD to feel the effects, far from it! On the other hand, it has the merit of showing that a candy at 5 milligrams will certainly not do much to you and this is quite normal.

Conclusion: it is important to consume quality candies, with a clearly displayed and reasonable dosage, or to prefer to turn to other products such as CBD oils, hemp infusions or even concentrates.

Benefits of CBD candy

CBD candies are discreet and convenient to consume
CBD candies are discreet and convenient to consume
  • Discreet grip,
  • Already dosed,
  • Easy to store and transport,
  • The taste of cannabis, unpleasant for some, is masked,
  • Many flavors are available (fruits, plants, cola, etc.),
  • Effects felt longer than with CBD oil.

Cons of CBD candy

  • Less flexibility on the dose (1 CBD candy = 1 fixed dose of CBD),
  • Effects take longer to manifest than with CBD oil,
  • They can be confused with classic candies (store carefully!),
  • Many CBD sweets without real effects are marketed (especially low CBD levels).

What to know before consuming cannabidiol candy

CBD-min candy storage
Choosing and storing your CBD sweets is important for an optimal experience


One of the great benefits of a CBD candy is that it contains fixed dose of CBD. Forget weigh-ins or counting the ideal number of drops, any serious seller clearly displays the dose of CBD (in milligrams) present in an individual candy. You can then easily let your candy melt in your mouth where and when you want it, discreetly. If you are unsure of the ideal dosage, it is better to take a little less dosed candy, even if it means taking two and thus have more leeway once you have identified the amount that best suits your body.

Frequency of consumption

One of the specificities of CBD candies is that they are consumed orally and therefore assimilated through the digestive tract. As a direct consequence, effects are more spread over time, but also slower than sublingually. If you are used to taking CBD oil for example and think that candy does not work, or at least less, wait a bit. The effects of CBD can be felt much later through the consumption of a confectionery. Many hours may therefore be necessary before peak effects are reached.


As with any product derived from legal cannabis, it is important to ensure the quality of the CBD candy before purchasing. So prefer the specialist sellers that clearly tell you the origin of CBD, the concentration and the complete list of ingredients in your sweets. Ideally, prefer them full spectrum gummy candies, offering better results at equivalent dosage. Also avoid brands using additives, dyes or other undesirable ingredients (GMOs, traces of pesticides or heavy metals in particular). Finally, the seller must be able to certify that the cannabis candy does not contain THC. The effects and consequences of THC cannabis candy are indeed quite different and potentially serious.


CBD candies have a BBD: the optimal use-by date. It usually runs for several months and doesn’t mean you’re in danger if you finish the pack after the date! The taste and effects may wane over time, however. In any case, be sure to store your package or box of sweets out of reach of children : It is often impossible to distinguish with the naked eye a classic candy from a CBD candy!

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