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What are Blossom Blaster?
Grotek Bud Enhancer

It is an enhancer to be used at the beginning of the flowering phase. Grotek’s Blossom Blaster is a nutrient based on vitamins that will make marijuana plants stop vertical growth and invest their energy in developing buds. This product can be combined with Monster Bloom by Grotek.

What are you Blossom Blaster

With Blossom Blaster It will shorten the knots and prepare your plants to give long tails of buds.

With this enhancer it will increase the production of the crop, since we will obtain shorter plants, which is very convenient in indoor crops, and you will be able to control the height of the plants in the cabinets. If the plants grow too much inside a closet, the problem we have is that the light from the bulb does not reach the lower areas of the plants well, and the higher areas have an excess of heat from the same bulb. This results in less languid buds and stems and less production.

What results will we have with Grotek’s Blossom Blaster?

Using this product at the beginning of flowering, you will be able to control the height of the plants, but without reducing production. On the contrary, Blosson Blaster will increase production, enhance buds, obtaining compact plants.

How to use


It is advisable to use the flowering enhancer in irrigation water just when the flowering phase begins, the first day only.

The proper ratio is 0.1 gram per liter.
After ten days you will repeat the process to further enhance the buds.
In hydroponics, the same dosage can be used, but you will add Grotek’s Blossom Blaster to watering during the seven days a week of change from growth to flowering.

This fertilizer is a powerful stimulator and only needs to be added 2 times during the first three weeks of the flowering period.

Application: In the irrigation water together with the flowering fertilizer.
Dosage: 1 gr. for every 10 l. of irrigation water.

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