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The question SOG Vs SCROG It is one of the most raised by many indoor growers. The SOG vs SCROG technique raises two forms of cultivation that, even though they are very different, pose a solution to the same problem: Increase cannabis production in each harvest. In this chapter we will compare the SOG Vs SCROG method so that each grower decides what is best for their crop.

SOG Technique (the Sea Of Green)

In previous articles we talked about the SOG technique to increase production of the harvest. As we described in its day, this technique is based on use a greater number of plants per m2, with a smaller size, to cover the entire illuminated surface, and thus make the most of the light used in the cultivation, and by derivation improve the total production per lamp.

tecnica Sea Of Green

SCROG Technique (the Screen of Green)

If the SOG technique uses many plants to fill an area of ​​1m2, the SCROG technique look for the same, but working with as few plants as possible. While the SOG technique tends to use many plants that are given a short growing period, For the plants grown in SCROG to achieve the desired result, they must be kept in the vegetative period for a longer time. (enough to cover the desired space). One of the greatest characteristics of cultivation in SCROG is the placement of a net to control the height of the plants, entangling in it those that exceed it in height, thereby guiding the growth of the plants through the net.

screen of green


Now that we have reviewed what each technique is based on and the main differences in the application of one or the other, the great question arises: SOG VS SCROG for higher production final.
The answer, although quick, requires nuances, and it will be each grower who ends up deciding whether one or the other option, but in any case the conclusion is the same: It does not matter if we use one or the other technique in terms of final production, since the maximum production that our crop can reach is the same in both cases, the difference will be in which of them best suits our needs.

If the maximum production is the same, why decide on one technique or the other? In this article we do not want to tell readers that one or another technique is better, since from our point of view both techniques are fully valid. Our job is not to tell our readers what to do, but to make known the different possibilities, so that each one can knowingly decide which option is best for their cultivation.

scrog technique SCROG Technique
technical subject SOG Technique

Advantages of Sea of ​​Green Vs SCROG

As growers, the advantages that we see applying the SOG technique are the following:
– Shorter vegetative period.
– Easier to move plants.
– Harvest before.
– Less light consumption.
– Better production in case of problems in a plant during cultivation.

Ventajas de Screen of Green Vs SOG

The advantages of the SCROG technique are:
– Lower budget on seeds.
– Greater ease of care.
– Lower consumption of water and nutrients.
– Greater control over the height of the plants.
– Canopy more uniform.

Disadvantages of SOG

Not all are advantages when we apply a cultivation technique. We are going to detail the disadvantages of SOG cultivation:
– Higher budget in seeds.
– Difficulty accessing the plants located further away.
– Less control over the height of the different tips.
– Difficulty mixing varieties.
– Number of plants can cause legal problems.

Disadvantages of the SCROG

As with the SOG technique, cultivation in SCROG also has its disadvantages:
– Difficulty moving plants due to the network.
– If a plant suffers a plague, the decrease in production is very high.
– Difficult access to fumigate.
– Longer vegetative period.
– Greater light consumption.

Once all the points for and against each of the cultivation techniques have been cited, the following is to offer you readers our vision on which option is best for each case.

SOG VS SCROG conclusion

Both techniques are valid as long as we adapt our cultivation to them. By adapting the cultivation to the techniques we mean that a logical pattern must be followed. It is useless to use a net, or mesh, if then we do not fill the space well to cover the entire surface of light to the maximum. In the same way, if we intend to grow a Sea of ​​Green crop, and we do not use enough plants to cover the growing area well, we will be wasting a lot of light, and by derivation we will notice a decrease in the final production.
From our point of view a grower should know how to use both techniques, to adapt the use of one or the other depending on the growing space and the type of plant grown. For example, instead of where the height is very limited, it is advisable to perform a SCROG, since it is a perfect technique to control the height of the plants (especially if we grow sativas, or hybrids that we know suffer a pronounced stretch when they are transferred to flowering). If the height available in our cultivation is not a problem (and in our country there is no precise limit to the number of plants we can grow at home), the Sea Of Green type cultivation will be faster, since you do not have to grow the plants so much before going to flowering.
Another good option to apply the SCROG technique is in outdoor crops, in this case not due to lack of available height, but to make the plants not attract attention. By placing a mesh, for example one meter high, we can make the plant practically imperceptible to those who are indiscreet. In addition, by multiplying the number of tips, we will be acting to prevent gray mold (typical in outdoor crops due to the large size of the main tail).

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