Types of cannabis seeds: characteristics

Types of cannabis seeds: characteristics

You can find three types of cannabis seeds, with different characteristics each one of them. These are:

  1. Regular cannabis seeds
  2. Feminized cannabis seeds
  3. Autoflowering cannabis seeds

In this post we will let you know in detail each of the above types of cannabis seeds.

Regular Cannabis Seeds

This type of seed It can generate both male and female plants, a condition that will be affected by environmental conditions.

The female plants produced by regular seeds they are usually much more robust and resistant than those generated by the others types seeds.

They are also resistant to various pests and climatic conditions, as well as being less prone to hermaphroditism.

Said seeds they generate plants that offer a great variety of aromas, flavors, effects and a great production.

It should be noted that its use has been reduced by the fact that for growers it can represent a waste of money and time in the sexing process.

Types of cannabis seeds: characteristics, Self-cultivation

Feminized Seeds

Are the seeds that only produce female plants. To do this, the plants go through a process that turns them into hermaphrodites, using gibberellic acid, making the plant only produce seeds with female chromosomes.

This type of seed produce cannabis plants with leaves of great quality, which have the highest amount of the psychoactive components of the marijuana.

Son seeds With which the cultivation space can be used 100%, since they do not require separation by sexing, presenting a uniform growth.

On the other hand, the quantity and quality of CBD they provide is very high and can be used for various medical treatments, they are also easy to grow.

Autoflowering Seeds

The autoflowering seeds They are obtained through the crossing of rudelaris with indica and sativa. They do not need a photoperiod to reach their growth, they flower according to their maturity, which they reach more quickly than the others. seeds.

Their cycles, depending on the conditions, will be between 27 to 45 days and flowering lasts approximately 30 to 45 days, it influences whether they were grown indoors or outdoors.

The plants they produce are low in height, making them a great alternative to be grown indoors or outdoors that require discretion. They do not usually exceed 1.2 meters in height.

Through them you also get feminized plants of excellent quality. They produce various crops and are very resistant to various climatic conditions. They are strong and robust plants that are easy to grow, they are resistant to mold, pests, etc.

It is advisable to spray a little water on them several times a week, being very careful not to overdo it, since their roots can rot. Also, it is advisable to sow them during the months of March and September.

They are very suitable for those who are starting with the experience of cannabis crops.

It is important to note that every day a little more is known about the various therapeutic properties that can be achieved with the application of CBD obtained through these plants.

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