The evolution of Autoflowering Marijuana

Autoflowering marijuana seeds or automatic They have been established as an extraordinary alternative in crops (especially those outdoors) that, due to their particular conditions, require a plant capable of producing generous crops in a shorter period of time from germination. Find a niche among current marijuana crops or win the approval of the growers more purists has not been an easy task, but finally these seeds have obtained the respect they deserve.

A novelty of millenary origin

Contrary to what many cannabis growers believe, autoflowering marijuana is not a modern invention. To know its origins and understand its evolution we will have to go back to the wild populations of a species classified in botany as Cannabis ruderalis found in various areas of Central and North Asia, in Russia, and in Eastern Europe.

Regarding its classification there is some controversy, because if for some botanists it is a species in its own right, for other specialists it is nothing but a subspecies within the Cannabis indica o la Cannabis sativa. The most recent analyzes seem to show that probably the most correct theory would be that of a third hypothesis according to which autoflowering cannabis is a unique species but twinned with both sativa and indica.

What does seem to leave no room for doubt is that these marijuana seeds are not as we know them today. The varieties of autoflowering plants that grew in the wild hundreds of years ago were not plants with a real utility either recreationally or medicinally given their low content of psychoactive cannabinoids. Advances in botany and current technology are what have made it possible for the automatic marijuana seeds that can be purchased today to provide abundant and quality harvests, with a great flavor and effects that can be compared to those of the seeds traditional.

Particularities of autoflowering marijuana seeds

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What does this mean that marijuana is automatic? They are adjectives that are at least curious when we refer to a plant, but they really do not have anything mysterious.

If they receive this particular name, it is because their main characteristic is that, unlike the rest of the marijuana plants, they have a unique behavior in light and more specifically, in the absence of it. In the different cultivation cycles the cannabis plant normal It needs certain hours of light and certain hours of rest in order to flourish. In the case of automatic machines, this does not happen so strictly. That is, an autoflowering marijuana plant it will have its normal life cycles whether it receives the necessary amount of light or not.

If it does not reach the necessary limits, the plant will give very few flowers and the harvest will be quite rácana. Don’t expect much from a plant that you haven’t paid much attention to. On the other hand, as soon as you take care of it and make sure that it has a certain amount of daily light, these plants will give you a succulent harvest in practically any circumstance. That is why in recent years these seeds have become so popular in latitudes with adverse climates: the C. ruderalis it is a very grateful plant and with little care it offers great rewards.

Why have autoflowering seeds triumphed?

Until a few years ago, the existing varieties of marijuana in its automatic version were quite scarce. As we have commented previously, nobody seemed to be too convinced by the fact that a plant was capable of giving a harvest in just nine weeks from germination and with a quality that at that time left a lot to be desired.

When the first experiments with ruderalis cannabis growers realized that these seeds were not yet ready to meet the demands of the market. The plants were lush, but with a lot of leaves and few flowers, and these, in addition to being a bit ridiculous in size, left a rather strange aftertaste when smoked.

However, there were seed banks that saw great potential in autoflowering plants and decided to invest in them, dedicating time to research with the aim of obtaining plants that, while maintaining their particularity of such an early and stable flowering, were capable of providing more buds. fat and resinous. The goal was achieved and exceeded when feminized and autoflowering seeds began to appear.

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The genetics of these seeds ceased to be a mystery to breeders like Dinafem, pioneers in launching with the first Haze and Critical + Very good quality feminized autoflowering. Previously, the Canadian seed bank The Joint Doctor had invested a lot of time in researching the lowrider, a stable, good-tasting autoflower that opened the door commercial of this type of seeds. It was a matter of time before new crosses and new varieties began to appear and those ruderalis that were practically only cultivated out of curiosity began to have their best versions in Moby Dick, Cheese or Blueberry.

All of this made things a lot easier for growers with less experience, with less budget or with less time to dedicate to their crops. These are some of the main advantages of its cultivation:

  • They adapt much better to difficult climates. They are a very good variety of marijuana for outdoor cultivation (with the economic savings that this implies) since the photoperiod of the plant does not imply a complication for its cultivation. On the other hand, in climates kind They offer very abundant harvests, so it can be said that they are grateful plants.
  • They don’t need as many nutrients. By having such a rapid development you will save a lot on supplements and fertilizers basically because there is no time that the plant needs them. The same happens with irrigation or with any other additive or tool that you would normally use in a traditional marijuana crop.
  • They are suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation. It could be said that in this case the plants adapt to your needs as grower and not the other way around. In open spaces we have already pointed out that they are characterized by their resistance and in the case of indoor crops, autoflowering plants are popular for the comforts they offer to the cannabiculturist: a constant light cycle of 18 hours a day, 6 days a week and little more.

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