Red Eyes When Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana and red eyes are two issues that are associated. People who smoke weed, either regularly or sporadically, have these symptoms that are evidence that THC is in your body. Red eyes have become part of the culture of marijuana, a kind of symbol that identifies users and a recurring question: why do the eyes get red when smoking marijuana and what can be done to hide the effects ?

THC and blood pressure

Traditionally the redness of the eyes has been related to some dysfunction of the organism. An allergic relationship, eye fatigue, conjunctivitis … That is, some issue that affects the health of the eye.

But eye redness also has many stigmas because the consumption of certain substances (alcohol and even tobacco) can cause these symptoms. This is the case of marijuana, which also causes these symptoms without actually being due to a bad health of the eyes but to a question that can be scientifically explained.

By way of clarification, it must be said that smoking marijuana is not what causes the redness of the eyes. It is quite common to think that it is the smoke of the cannabis cigarette itself that is responsible for what many believe it is an allergic reaction in the eyeball, but it doesn’t really happen that way. You could consume marijuana in another way (inhaling it with a vaporizer or ingesting it with one of the recipes that we usually offer you on the blog) and depending on the amount you take, the symptoms would be exactly the same as if you consumed the same amount in a cigarette.

jamaican red eyesHow is it possible? Because the question is not in how you consume cannabis but in how THC is acting in your body. Cannabis contains various psychoactive ingredients, among which you already know that THC is the most important. So that we understand each other, the ingredient in the plant that will make you place. This sensation is achieved, in part, because blood pressure drops and blood vessels dilate.

When the blood vessels dilate, the blood can circulate through them more freely, without there being so much pressure in its transit. So imagine an area as sensitive and as white as your eyeball. Do you visualize what is happening? It is not an allergy, it is simply that those small veins in your eyes that previously went unnoticed will now be more full of blood, so your gaze will show that reddened appearance, a symptom that shows that you have been consuming cannabis.

Is it dangerous for health?

With what we have mentioned above about the fact that sometimes the redness of the eyes is associated with a malfunction of the body, an allergic reaction, a flu or fatigue, one might think that the fact that the eyes turn red when consuming marijuana is counterproductive to your health. Luckily it is not so. It could even be said that the opposite is true.

In recent years, many studies have been carried out in this regard and it is that among some of the therapeutic applications of marijuana an attempt is made to find out the scope that this plant could have in the treatment of people with glaucoma. The fact that cannabis use can reduce intraocular pressure thanks to this Decreased blood pressure it could be the solution to many of these problems.

Although at the moment everything is speculation, it is considered that the consumption of marijuana could be up to 25% more efficient than that of many of the vasodilator drugs that are currently marketed, which is why it is becoming a widely adopted alternative. personal by many of the people who suffer from this disease and who prefer more natural solutions to their problem. To this day, although it is true that marijuana has not achieved cure glaucoma, those who resort to this option claim to have noticed a great relief of symptoms, something that is also repeated in the case of people suffering from hypertension.

Tricks to combat red eyes

red eye dropsDespite all the benefits of marijuana, how good it makes you feel and the benefits that its consumption can bring to your health, the truth is that the issue of leaving your eyes red is something that you do not usually have. nobody like. More than anything because that of going with a look at what Walking Dead It is not that it is too good and because with your free time you can do whatever you want without having to declare to the four winds that you like to consume yerba.

So the question is, is there a way to get rid of red eyes? If you are going to stay at home, you already know that it is a matter that you should not worry too much because it will not affect your body at all. But if you have to go out and it can be a limitation in your daily activity or in your relationships with other people, you can try the following tricks:

  1. Team up with chocolate and caffeine: They are foods with vasoconstrictive properties and those will help counteract the vasodilator effect of THC. Also salty nuts have this same effect.
  2. Apply a damp towel: wet wipes or cucumber slices over the eyes are not just things from the movies. They help blood regulation so that everything returns to its normal course.
  3. Buy yourself an eye drop: in the pharmacy they sell eye drops for allergic episodes that cause redness of the eyes. Its function is practically the same and in these cases they are great.
  4. Be patient: the redness is not going to last forever. If you’ve been a bit far-sighted, maybe before you have to leave home, the symptoms of THC in your body have already faded a bit.

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