The Best Marijuana Games (Android and PC)

From Nature Grow we bring you a list of marijuana games of android and pc, to be entertained this summer. With these games you can entertain yourself in certain moments of boredom.

We leave you a selection of those that we believe are from the best games to grow and sell marijuana both for android and computer.

Android marijuana growing games

For the inseparable of the smartphone, we leave you a selection with the best marijuana games for android.


Hempire is one of the best android marijuana growing games. The game is based on the story of Uncle Danny, from a small neighborhood grower to a wealthy cannabis entrepreneur.

We are facing a complete game where we can develop our buildings and businesses to continue to prosper. Also, we can cultivate classic varieties or investigate new crosses. We will make edibles and cannabis extracts for our clients.

Throughout history, we will have to make bribes to turn a blind eye. So we can continue to grow and sell our cannabis without problems.

Discover the green world of Hempire!

Weed Inc – weed games

Weed Inc

With Weed Inc you can manage the cultivation and sale of internationally famous varieties like: Grand Daddy Purple, Sour Diesel, Trainwreck …

We can control the entire production cycle, starting with the grow room and the subsequent processing of the product. Finally, the sales will be made in the store to recover the invested profits.

What else will we find at Weed INC?

  • Manage our own dispensary, processing and grow rooms as we expand our cannabis empire
  • Chance to win boxes to unlock rewards (new cannabis strains)
  • Expand our business throughout the US (Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York)

Cannabis Growbox

Cannabis Growbox is a game you want simulate growing marijuana in real life. This game allows us to configure the environment of our plants and simulate the growth of plants in real time.

At the end of the harvest, the game calculates its performance and power. Also, we have to carry out a drying and curing to obtain a quality harvest.

We have to buy everything we need for our cultivation in the growshop, things like: seeds, fertilizers, lighting systems …

And one of the advantages that this game offers us in relation to the competition is that it does not require an internet connection to play.

Bud Farm: Grass Roots

Bud farm

It is a farming simulator, the game is similar to Farmville, only instead of growing corn and taking care of cows, it is dedicated to growing cannabis.

This game is based on growing and selling your crops. The more we progress in the game, the more workers we can have, as well as expand our farmlands.

What will we find at Bud Farm?

  • The possibility of harvesting more than 15 different varieties of marijuana
  • Complete our clients’ orders
  • Construct buildings: Mill, Dairy, Bakery and Pastures. From here we will get our ingredients
  • Preparation of edibles: Cookies, brownies …
  • Decoration of our plot

Weed Firm 2: Back to collage

Weed Firm 2 weed games

In this new installment, Ted Growing, a botanical student who was expelled from college, returns to start a business. This time you will have to dodge the policemen who want to sink your empire.

Ted decides to set up his marijuana plantation in an abandoned gym. From that moment on, our partner dedicated himself to growing and selling his own marijuana. As we expand our business, new varieties of cannabis and hallucinogenic mushrooms will appear.

What else can we see in the game?

  • Find original ways to deceive and lose sight of the police
  • Keep gangs and gangsters in the area away from our cultivation
  • Plant recognized varieties such as: White Widow or Purple Haze
  • Meet such eccentric characters as: cheerleaders, DJ Ian, Jane the stripper, Rat Bob, Sandy and Mandy …

Marijuana games for pc

We leave you with some of the best marijuana games for pc The cultivar is at the hand of anyone!

Weedcraft Inc


We are facing a simulator-type game but with a great narrative that will involve us in our own marijuana business.

We will play the role of Johny, who together with his brother Clyde, want to become the next cannabis moguls. Between the two brothers they form a great team: Johny is the smartest of the two and is dedicated to closing the numbers and making profits; On the other hand, we have Clyde who is the experienced gardener in charge of improving and enhancing the product.

When the business starts to grow, the police become suspicious and it is time to be original: look for different ways to hide the plantations; blackmail and bribery; installation of anti-odor systems or diverting electricity consumption to other neighboring businesses. It is one of the favorites in Naturaleza Grow.

Weed Farm Simulation

Weed farmer simulator

Do you want to become a marijuana grower? Imagine that you just moved to a new city and you just bought a piece of land to farm.

We can start by building our own farm, buying farm equipment and vehicles to grow cannabis. Little by little, we can improve our farm, adding garages, warehouses and even swimming pools.

At first, we will have to do everything manually such as: the hole to place the seeds in the ground or fill the watering can with water. When we make money and improve our tools, we will delegate our work to them.

We will plant our seeds, harvest and sell our produce all over the world. We will make our crops more efficient to increase business profits.

Igrow – marijuana games

igrow marijuana games

A game is coming indoor marijuana growing simulator! Available to all Windows users.

We started our own factory dedicated to the cultivation of cannabis is a tower in the United Kingdom. Our character aims to become the best cultivator using quality equipment.

As we progress through the story, we will unlock new varieties to sell to the most sybaritic distributors. We will also improve the cultivation equipment to obtain higher quality crops.

It is important to improve the quality and increase the price of our product, since the higher the price, the more experience we will receive. Our clients will look at parameters such as drying, curing and potency of the herb.

Find your business system to succeed at Igrow.

Weed Shop 2

weed shop 2

The Weed Shop saga is back in a bigger way, this time it won’t be for growing in our damp and grimy basement. We return to Cali in where they just passed Proposition 64, which makes the recreational use of marijuana completely legal.

We will be in charge of turning a marijuana dispensary in ruins since 2014 into the top cannabis store in the country.

What can we do in Weed Shop 2?

  • Grow different strains of marijuana: Indica, sativas and hybrids
  • Great diversity of crop equipment
  • Total customization of the store both inside and outside
  • Personnel hiring: sales, promotion, security …
  • Number of missions and achievements to achieve
  • Possibility of rolling and smoking your joints with other stoners

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