How to decarboxylate marijuana? Step by Step

We leave you a manual on how decarboxylate marijuana, something essential in cannabis cuisine. Learn how to improve your cannabis dishes and desserts with this simple trick.

Surprise your friends with great-tasting and potent cannabis recipes, a delight for the senses.

Meaning of decarboxylating marijuana What is it?

Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction that loses a carboxyl group from a compound such as CO2 (Carbon dioxide).

The decarboxylation of marijuana It is a process that uses high temperatures to convert the cannaboid THCA into THC.

In raw flowers we find THCA or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid that lacks psychoactivity, in its acid state. After drying, it is converted into THC or delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which causes the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Why decarboxylate marijuana?

We have to decarboxylate cannabis whenever we are going to prepare cannabis recipes. For example, for the recipes for Cannabis Chocolate Cookies or the Marijuana Brownie.

When we ingest raw marijuana, it lacks psychoactive effect, due to the fact that THC is in its acid form. To increase psychoactivity, the cannabis is dried first and then we will heat it.

At what temperature does decarboxylation occur?

Decarboxylation needs maintain a constant temperature of 110-120ºC for 30 to 45 minutes. At this temperature we are able to decarboxylate the cannabis, but maintaining the maximum possible terpenes and cannabinoids. CBD passes into CBDA and THC becomes THCA.

How to decarboxylate marijuana?

We briefly explain how to decarboxylate marijuana in three different ways, in an easy and fast way.

Decarboxylate in the oven

  1. Preheat the oven at 110-120ºC for a few minutes
  2. We place the crumbled product on a tray and cover it with aluminum foil
  3. We leave it between 30 and 45 minutes
  4. Marijuana takes on a golden brown hue
  5. We let it cool and we can use it for our space recipes

Microwave decarboxylate

  1. IMPORTANT! At Naturaleza Grow we don’t recommend this method, unless you don’t have an oven and you do have a microwave.
  2. Place the shredded grass in a pyrex tray
  3. We put the tray in the microwave
  4. We program it at maximum power for about 90 seconds
  5. When removing the Maria it should smell intensely, but not churruscado

Decarboxylation in a water bath

  1. One of the most homemade ways is decarboxylation in a water bath. This method can be used for concentrates such as: BHO, rosin or hashish.
  2. We need a large pot of water and put it on the fire.
  3. With a thermometer we control the water temperature between 110 and 120ºC.
  4. We place the shredded marijuana in a pyrex tray. We cover it so that it does not splash the water or we put it in a heat resistant bag.
  5. Once the water starts to boil, we place our cannabis inside.
  6. We leave it around 40-45 minutes

Decarboxylation of cannabinoids

The decarboxylation of cannabinoids is necessary whenever we are going to cook with maría. Obtaining a more powerful and higher quality final product.

Decarboxylate CBD

In the same way that we do with THC, we can practice it in our CBD flowers: Before making our creams, oil or tinctures, we carry out a decarboxylation to go from CBDA to CBD.

Although CBDA has some beneficial effects, CBD has been shown to be a much more complete cannabinoid.

Decarboxylate THC

The decarboxylation of THC helps us enjoy much more powerful foods, oils and tinctures. Therefore, it is necessary to control the amount ingested very well, in this way we save ourselves from having a bad time.

Decarboxylate marijuana concentrates

We are going to give you some little tips and tricks to be able to decarboxylate marijuana concentrates at home. It is something very simple to do, it is easier than naming it.

Decarboxylate BHO

Like decarboxylated buds, BHO also needs the process to go through. It will keep in the oven for 45 minutes at a temperature of about 110ºC. The moment we see that the BHO stops bubbling, it will be ready.

Decarboxylate hashish

When the hashish is already decarboxylated, it acquires a slightly toasted hue and a pungent aromatic smell, these are the signs that tell us that it is ready.

Decarboxylate Rosin

In the US it became fashionable to cook with extractions, especially with rosin, due to its potency and ease of obtaining. If we want to decarboxylate the rosin, it is necessary to preheat the oven to 120ºC, place the extraction in a pyrex tray and cook it for 20 minutes.

Recipes that need to decarboxylate marijuana

We leave you a compilation of several Nature Grow recipes that need to decarboxylate marijuana

🧈 Marijuana butter

🍪 Marijuana cookies

🥖 Marijuana bread

🍫 Marijuana chocolate

🍮 Marijuana flan

Until the next article, naturalists! We wish you the best smoke

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