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On December 21, 2020, the members of Congress were given only 2 hours to study the monstrous 2021 Omnibus Appropriations Bill. Unbeknownst to almost everyone, buried in the 5,593-page legislation was an amendment to the PACT Act which places extreme regulations around the sale and shipment of non-nicotine vaporizers. Absent favorable guidance from the US Postal Service (USPS), this legislation unintentionally regulates vapes not intended for nicotine, severely limiting the ways in which many types of vaporizers can be shipped, and requiring sellers to report sensitive personal information to the government—leading to additional taxation.

How The PACT Act Could Hurt The Vaporizer Industry

The scope of the PACT Act amendments remains unclear at this point. Most notably, we don’t know whether the restrictions will apply only to vaporizer products containing or intended for use with nicotine, or whether the regulations will apply more broadly to vaporizers used for hemp, CBD, cannabis, and other products.

Thankfully, right now, the USPS is writing rules that will make the full impact of the PACT Act amendments clear. Greenlane is working closely with a coalition of vaporizer manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to have the USPS clarify that the PACT Act’s stringent regulations apply only to nicotine vaping products.
With a unified voice of businesses, end-users, and other interested parties, we can speak up against this affront to our rights as American citizens and adults. The products that we specialize in do not fall into the realm of nicotine products, rather they are vaporizers designed to be used with legal herbs and concentrates, such as hemp CBD products.

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Many Americans from all walks of life, including veterans, doctors, lawyers, educators, rely on hemp CBD and other products that can be safely delivered through vaporizers. With more and more states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, we cannot allow patients to suffer and not have access to vaporization products that directly impact their wellness, nor should we permit sales of such products to be over-taxed and be a justification for invading patients’ privacy.

How You Can Help With The PACT Act

You may be reading this saying, “Well, what can I do?” The answer is plenty and time is running out!

You have until March 22nd, 2021, to let the USPS and Federal Government know how you feel about this change to the PACT Act!

You can submit a comment on the new ban on shipping vapes and let the Federal Government know how you feel!

Don’t hesitate, voice your opinion now!

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