420 Vape Sale

The month-long 420 celebration is here and has a 420 sale to get you geared up for your next session.

To commemorate the longest 420 in 100 years we’re offering 20% off sitewide with promo code VAPOR420 at checkout! We’ve got more sales to breakdown below, and keep in mind this is just an early preview of the 420 sales has cooking up for you this month…

420 Vape Sale Breakdown

With 420 being a month long, now is the perfect time to treat yourself to that new vaporizer, 4-piece grinder, papers, or beaker that you’ve had your eye on. Being able to save throughout the whole month lets you pick the perfect time to buy or stock up on your favorite items without worrying that you might miss out on a deal.

Let’s dive into what 420 sales we have lined up for now, but be sure to check back as April progresses to see what else we have on sale!

Storz & Bickel 420 Deals


The most popular vaporizer brand out is giving you a chance to save 20% on their elite devices from 4/16 to 4/20 you can take 20% off all Storz & Bickel products with promo code SB420!

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade to the Crafty+ or Volcano Hybrid now is the time, and while Storz & Bickel’s upgraded devices out-perform their predecessors, the classic S&B devices like the Mighty and Plenty still hold their own against newer devices.

PAX 2 and PAX 3 420 Coupons

PAX 3 in hand

For 1 glorious week in April we’ll be offering 20% off of the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporizers with promo code PAX420.

If you’re not familiar with the PAX 2 and 3 you’re missing out on two of the most efficient and effective portable vaporizers of all time. The PAX 2 brings consistent sessions to your stash box and the PAX 3 comes in either the Basic Kit or Complete Kit, depending on your needs offering a concentrate insert to make the PAX 3 a dual-use portable vaporizer. 

Sitewide 420 Sale

As mentioned above we’ll be doing a 20% off sitewide 420 sale with promo code SAVE420, BUT we’re also offering 20% off rolling papers, grinders, glass, and our full selection of CBD products!

Save on Vibes Rolling Papers and Grinders

Vibes Hemp, Ultra Thin, and Rice Rolling Papers

For those who’ve caught the vibe early, we’re also offering 25% off ALL Vibes Rolling Papers for the month of April, which means you can snag an entire box of Vibes Papers that should last you through this month-long 420. If you’re not a brand loyalist (yet), you can still save before your next roll-up on booklets from top rolling papers brands like RAW, Elements, and OCB. We’ve got enough selection for you to try out some new brands this month, so let us know if you’ve found a new go-to!

Prepping your sessions is crucial so we’re also offering a month-long 20% off our selection of grinders, we’re stocked with everything from the classic 2-piece to the mill-and-fill, do-it-all OTTO Electric Herb Grinder. Why not treat yourself to perfectly prepped dry herb the rest of this 420 and beyond?

Snag a New Glass Piece and Save

The yellow K.Haring Rig, in-hand

If you’re in need of a new glass piece this month, we’ve got you covered during the whole 420 sale. Take 20% off anything from the new K.Haring Glass Collection to up your rig or pipe game. If you can’t quite make up your mind yet don’t worry,’s 420 sale is happening all month so you can wait for the perfect time to upgrade your glass arsenal.

All CBD On Sale

Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vape Pen

If you’ve been needing to replenish your self-care or wellness supplies you’ve waited until the perfect time because we’re taking 20% off our entire CBD selection during our 420 sale! Choose from the best CBD brands like Select, Bloom Farms, and Bouquet CBD and find the perfect way to administer your (or your pet’s) CBD experience.

Stay Tuned For More 420 Vape Deals

We hope your month of 420 is full of new devices and tons of savings! Enjoy our sitewide 420 sale as well as the date-specific ones mentioned above, and be sure to keep an eye our for more sales as the month goes on.

And in case you forgot, enter promo code VAPOR420 for a sitewide 20% off discount at checkout, so that new vape, beaker, or stash box can be yours at a discount all month!

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