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The best rolling paper can make your dry herb session all that much more enjoyable, but how do you find out which paper is right for you? Although they might seem simple, there is a ton of nuance when it comes to rolling papers. Want a totally natural rolling paper? Done. Something to catch the eye of everyone at the party? Sure, why not. From slim to wide, rolling papers have a ton of variations that can affect your session.

The Best Rolling Papers

We’re going to spotlight a few of what we think the best rolling papers are and what separates them from one another, keep an eye on this list because we have a few more brands to stock that just might become your go-to rolling paper and be sure to check out our full selection of rolling papers before your next session. 

VIBES Rolling Papers and Cones

The newest addition to the best rolling papers realm is VIBES Rolling Papers. Bay Area rap mogul Berner has brought elite rolling papers and cones to the masses. Developed by consumers for consumers VIBES Rolling Papers come in a variety of paper types: Hemp, Rice, and Ultra-Thin. 

VIBES Hemp, Thin, and Rice Cones

Vibes Cones

Vibes Cones feature uber-thin paper for a smooth, even burn every session. A thinner paper means your dry herb’s natural flavor can shine, as it won’t be affected by too much “paper smoke”. Available in either standard or King Sized, VIBES cones are a super convenient way to enjoy your dry herb.  

VIBES Rolling Papers

Vibes King Size Slim Rolling Papers

The VIBES King Size Slim Rolling Papers feature a natural paper with a proprietary airflow to ensure consistent draws and ample airflow. Cultivated in France, VIBES Rolling Papers are ultra-thin letting your dry herb’s flavor flourish each session. 

If you’re looking for something to roll on, check out the Vibes Papers Rolling Tray. 

OCB Rolling Papers 

Founded in 1822, OCB is one of the oldest rolling paper companies out. Their name is an acronym: “O” represents the Odet river, where their first paper mill was founded. The “C” is for Cascedec, another paper mill location, and the “B” is for the Bollore family, who for 6 generations had a major influence on the history of paper manufacturing in general. They pride themselves on using organic materials and produce 100% all-natural, vegetarian, and GMO-free free papers.

OCB Hemp Rolling Papers 

OCB Hemp Rolling Papers offer a 100% natural session and come in regular or the King Slim Hemp version. Ultra-thin organic hemp is used to eliminate any extra “paper smoke” and during your dry herb enjoyment. Using thinner paper lets your dry herb’s flavor flourish and keeps the session. The thin consistency of the paper promotes even burning with no runs or risk of going out.

All of OCB’s papers utilize 100% Arabic Gum that is both vegetarian and GMO free; this type of gum is preferred as it doesn’t let your hard rolling work go to waste due to unraveling. OCB goes the extra step to ensure their product is environmentally friendly: the booklets used are made from recycled material, while the branding images are printed with vegetable ink.

If you want the most natural option available, OCB papers are the best rolling papers.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Who doesn’t know RAW, right? Based on legacy alone RAW could be considered the best rolling paper….ever. 

Founded in 1993 with production starting in 2005, RAW papers are one of the younger rolling paper brands but their influence and reach is that of a centuries-old company. With endorsements from celebrities like Wiz Khalifa it is no wonder they have such a wide reach, it also helps that they produce some fantastic dry herb rolling papers.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are the company’s first organic and vegan paper, a nice intangible boost if you want to crown this RAW variety the best rolling paper. To take the eco-friendliness even further, RAW sources all of their hemp using sustainable methods so your sessions remain as natural as possible. A cross-weave pattern watermark system and vertical hard-stop lines to prevent runs during your session.


Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

No for something a little more, flashy. 

Shine made its mark by being the first company to produce 24K gold rolling papers, and what a mark to make. Since 2014 Shine has been producing stylish papers that are sure to turn heads at whatever function you break them out at. The gold is edible, so using Shine rolling papers is 100% safe.

The base of the Shine rolling papers is hemp paper, while these papers are a little thicker than the above-mentioned ones (hey, gold is hefty) your sessions are still flavorful due to the hemp and gold being completely tasteless.

For an added level of luxury, Shine papers leave gilded ashes in your ashtray, referred to as “the gems”. If you want to turn heads, Shine 24K Rolling Papers will get the job done and then some. 


Elements Ultra Thin Rolling Papers

Say hello to the first rice based rolling paper on our list!

Elements Ultra Thin Rolling Papers are the thinnest papers available, making them the perfect rolling paper for dry herb connoisseurs and cementing them in the “best rolling papers” conversation. Rice paper can be pressed thinner than hemp papers, allowing them to burn slower. One caveat to rice papers is that they do not “grip” well, so those new to rolling might want to go for a hemp option, but to make rolling Elements Ultra Thin Rolling Papers easier, Acacia plant gum is utilized.

These are a pretty “basic” paper with a few convenient features. The rice paper used doesn’t produce any ash, making each session a mess-free one, and the packaging features a magnetic closure to prevent any loss of sheets. To ensure your cone doesn’t run Elements utilizes the same cross-weave and hard-stop lines as the RAW papers.


The History of Rolling Papers 

When it comes to smoking accessories, rolling papers have one of the longest and most interesting lineages. The history of rolling papers is thought to be traced back to begin with Alexandro Rizlette de Camptone Lacroix (wow, that is a mouthful), the head of the Lacroix family that would eventually start what is now known as the RizLa+ rolling papers company. Apparently in 1532 Lacroix traded a bottle of champagne for the rolling papers that French soldiers had brought back from Spain. After trading for the papers he copied the paper, cementing the fact that, to our knowledge, rolling papers were invented in Spain and proliferated by France. 

The Lacroix family started mass producing the papers in 1736 under the name The Lacroix Rolling Paper Company, with their first contract being with the one and only Napoleon. In 1865 the company changed the formula for the papers to include rice paper, and they changed their name to the current RizLa+ moniker: “rix” is the French word for rice, and “La+” can be expanded to mean “Lacroix” as “croix” is French for “cross”.

Things went smoothly for the Lacroix family for, well, centuries. Their product was widely sold throughout Europe and the US by 1900, and in 1942 they patented their method of applying gum to the edge of the papers, making sealing cones infinitely easier than before and cementing them as leaders of the rolling papers market. 

Since then, the composition of rolling papers has remained unchanged. Companies use different combinations of pulp, hemp, rice, and flax to create what they think is the perfect rolling paper. In recent years there has been a big push for non-GMO and organic papers to ensure the purest dry herb experience possible. 

What Do You Think Are The Best Rolling Papers?

So we’ve listed a few of our favorites, let us know in the comments what brand of rolling papers you think is the best! Make sure to look at our full collection of rolling papers, and check back because we have a couple more brands to stock so get ready for more rolling paper breakdowns, until then, roll easy friends. 

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