All about Neem Oil: Properties, benefits and uses

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In this article we are going to explain everything about the Aceite de Neem. If you ever wondered how is it obtained, their properties, benefits and uses of neem oil you’re in luck.
In this post we are going to explain all the characteristics of neem oil and its benefits in the cultivation of cannabis to prevent pests. We also tell you how to make homemade neem oil so you don’t have to buy.

Neem oil Properties Benefits and Uses

What is Neem oil?

Neem Oil is a extract obtained by pressing leaves, seeds and fruits of the neem tree.

Origin of the neem tree

The neem tree (Azadirachta indica), also known as nimbus from india O margosa from india, is found all over the world, but has its origin in India and Burma. It is a tropical evergreen tree.

Neem tree characteristics

It’s a fast growing tree, that in a few years can reach 10 meters in height and up to 12 meters in diameter.

The trunk of the neem tree is short and straight, with a hard, cracked bark, with shades ranging from light gray to reddish brown. Its white flowers that give off fragrance can be male and female on the same tree (dicogamy), but they appear in different periods.

The fruit of the neem tree is a drupe with shapes ranging from elongated to rounded oval.

Neem tree cultivation

The neem tree is very resistant to drought. It can survive in areas with very dry conditions, as well as in more humid areas with rainfall between 400 and 1200 mm. It grows in tropical and subtropical areas except for high altitude terrain.


Neem extract applications in cultivation

One of the reasons why neem is so popular in the plant world is because neem extract acts as an insecticide, as an antinutrient and a hormonal metamorphosis inhibitor, causing a decrease in their protein and amino acid levels.

Neem extract reduces the fertility of insects, preventing them from reaching maturity, prolonging the larval stage and causing death by preventing them from molting.

In cases like cannabis, it is a great ally for the prevention of pests, given its insecticidal and repellent properties. In addition, being an ecological insecticide, it can be used throughout the plant cycle.

In addition to its use in plants, neem oil (from its seeds) has proven useful for the preparation of cosmetics, although its greater use is related to its insecticidal properties.

Neem applications in humans

Scabies treatmentRecent studies show preliminary scientific evidence for treating scabies (although such studies are yet to be substantiated).

Remove lice: Although neem extract does not demonstrate efficacy against nits (eggs), it has been shown to be effective in killing all three lice variants, as well as extoparasitic and endoparasitic threadworms and nematodes.

Active ingredients of neem extract

Neem oil contains numerous terpene compounds, especially abiethane-derived diterpenes, as well as tetranortriterpenoids such as azadirachtin and nimbine.

Properties of neem according to the part of the tree

Neem tree bark:

It is a bitter tonic, with stimulating, astringent, febrifugal, detersive and vermifuge properties.

Fruit of the neem tree:

Disputable and purgative properties. it is toxic.

Neem tree leaves and seed oil:

Anthelmintic, antiseptic and antiparasitic properties.

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How is neem oil used?

The best way to apply neem oil to your plants is by foliar spray. It is recommended to mix the dose recommended by each manufacturer in water and spray the underside and back of the leaves at hours of low light intensity.

If we act preventively, it is advisable to spray the plants with a mixture of 1-2 ml per liter of water once a week.

In cases where we have detected a plague, it is better to repeat the application of this mixture 2-3 times a week.

When to use neem oil for best results

Neem oil is a great ally for pest prevention. Although it is true that it not only fulfills this function, since it has proven to be effective in eliminating pests, in cases where you have an established pest it is better to use other more specific products against the pest in question.

Neem oil supplements to eliminate pests

As we have commented, neem is a very effective natural insecticide for the prevention of pests. If unfortunately the pest is already established in our garden, a great solution is to make a mixture of neem and potassium soap to treat the affected plants (and their surroundings) together.

A good combination is use neem oil and potassium soap in equal parts in the mixture (for example adding 3 ml of potassium soap + 3 ml of neem oil for each liter of water.

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Uses and benefits of neem cake

From the process of extracting the oils from the neem tree, a residue known as neem cake results, with excellent properties as a fertilizer, with insecticidal and fungicidal action.

There are many growers who prepare their substrate with a neem cake mixture that not only nourishes the plants with minerals, but also protects them from pests by improving the plants’ autoimmune system.

How long does neem oil last?

Either in powder or in oil, Neem extract in its pure state lasts for several years without problems. If it has already been mixed with water, it degrades quickly, so it is advisable that you only mix that amount that you are going to use to spray your plants, and discard the excess.

Buy Neem oil in SantYerbasi Grow shop

If you are looking for where to buy neem oil SantYerbasi is your online store. We currently have in stock the best neem oil extracts on the market:

Aceite de neem NeemAzal de Trabe

It is a powerful and concentrated neem oil, with a recommended dose of 1.5-2.5 ml / L. NeemAzal contains azadirachtin, one of the richest and most active substances in the neem tree.

neemAzal trabe

Aceite de neem BioTake the Prot-Eco

It is 100% neem oil. It is available in two formats (30ml and 100ml) and offers a recommended dose of 1-2 ml / L in foliar spray, and 2-3 ml / L via irrigation.

organic take

Torta de neem Proneem de Trabe

ProNeem is a neem seed cake (neem flour) in powder form so you can mix it into the substrate. Its composition makes it an ideal complement for an extra supply of minerals, as well as for the prevention and extermination of insect and fungal pests.

pro take

If you have accessed this information because you have a pest, you may also be interested in these products:

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