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With the rise of the use of medicinal cannabis and the inclusion of CBD in many products, the choice of the variety or varieties of hemp for cultivation is becoming increasingly important for the producer, who can see how easily the yield in CBD Total can be doubled if that choice is correct. However, and as every professional hemp grower knows, his activity is subject to the THC limit present in its plants allowed by the corresponding legislation, so that each country has its own limits and regulations.

In today’s article we are going to introduce you to some of the best varieties that can be purchased with a THC content less than 1%, so that they can be cultivated in certain countries without any type of legal problem by not exceeding the limit established in the respective jurisprudence. In addition, we will also present some of the varieties of certified hemp we offer in our store.

Hemp has a very low THC content

THC y cannabis legal

As we say, being THC a psychoactive substance It is controlled by the legislation of each country, so we can find varieties that are legal in one country and not in another due to their THC content. Each country establishes its maximum THC limit in the varieties that are going to be legally registered and cultivated (of course with a cultivation license), so it is very important that the producer has updated information on these limits in order to work with complete peace of mind. It is for this reason that in so many countries seeds with high THC cannot be legally acquired for professional cultivation, because due to its high THC content – which exceeds the established limit – it would be an illegal crop.

In certain countries, and always complying with the provisions of the law, they can also be grown legally THC-rich plants, which greatly expands the range of possibilities for the producer. However, varieties rich in THC with all their papers in order (phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin, etc.) are not abundant in the market, and these types of certificates are usually an important requirement when obtaining a permit for cultivation. Be that as it may, the important thing in the present case is to underline the convenience of ensuring that the cultivated varieties fall within the range of cultivars allowed by law.

CBD in cannabis

Yes, cannabis contains CBD, but not always and in all cases in the same amount; some varieties do not produce CBDOthers produce a small%, while in others it is the cannabinoid with the most presence, reaching more than 15%. However, within each variety we can also find certain differences in chemotype of each plant, with values ​​for cannabinoids and terpenes that can differ significantly from one individual to another. For this reason, it is very important to choose varieties that are as stabilized as possible, so that we find the minimum variation between the values ​​promised in the certificate and those that we will actually obtain in the field.

CBD-rich hemp cultivation in Lithuania
CBD-rich hemp cultivation in Lithuania

Of course, if the crop is intended for CBD extraction, it will be very important to plant stable and rich varieties in this cannabinoid, although here a note should be made: we can find a variety that produces, say, 10% CBD but whose plant mass production is very poor, so that in the end it does not we will get a great amount of CBD per m2 of cultivation. For this reason, it is crucial to try to focus not on the production of plant mass per m2, nor only on the% of CBD, but on a combination of several factors that gives us an approximate% of CBD per m2 of cultivation. How much flower does a certain variety produce per m2? And how much resin per gram of plant matter?

If we look closely at these parameters, we will realize that there are cannabis strains that produce a lot of flower, but that in the end can end up producing much less CBD per m2 of crop than others that produce less flower but with much more resin (or that have a higher% CBD). Thus, depending on the final product (flower or extract) it may be more convenient to use one variety or another. We are not going to cultivate a certain area if we can achieve the same yield with half the cultivated area, it is much more profitable to do a good choice of variety!

Strains high in CBD and low in THC

Here is a list of some of the varieties rich in CBD and with really low percentages of THC that we have in our catalog. However, and especially if you are professional growers, keep in mind that these are genetics without any official documentation and that they lack phytosanitary or origin certificates. In the next section we will offer you other varieties that do appear in the register of genetics allowed for the licensed grower.

Pure CBD Punch

If this variety of Philosopher Seeds It is, apart from its stability, for its excellent flavor and aroma. It is a self-pollination of Session that reaches a CBD content close to 15% for only 0.6% THC. Pure CBD Punch is ready in about 9 weeks in indoor cultivation, around the beginning of October outdoors, being also a very good producer. You can find it in packages of 1, 3, 5 and 25 feminized seeds.

Pure CBD Punch cultivation in Uruguay
Pure CBD Punch cultivation in Uruguay

Delimed CBD Plus

This variety, from the catalog of Delicious Seeds, has THC percentages that are around 0.6%, for an approximate 20% of CBD. Fruit of a cross between Harlequin CBD and Dinamed CBD Plus, it has a relatively fast flowering time (8 weeks indoors, late September outdoors) and is an excellent flower producer. Delimed CBD Plus is available in packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminized seeds.


Paradise Seeds offers us this genetics rich in CBD, with up to 20% of this cannabinoid for only 0.6% of THC. We do not know its parents, although we do know that it is a cross between a plant with a high CBD content and another of Paradise’s hybrids. CBDrelief flowering is fast, taking about 8 weeks under artificial light and can be harvested in early October in the Northern Hemisphere. Available in packages of 3 and 5 feminized seeds.

CBD #1

This hybrid of Ace Seeds It is basically a backcross of Cannatonic from Resin Seeds, made from the cross between Cannatonic S1 and (Erdpurt x Cannatonic S1). The CBD # 1 variety reaches a CBD content of approximately 17%, for only 0.7% THC. It is perhaps the fastest on this list, being ready in about 7-8 weeks in indoor crops and throughout September outdoors. Its production is medium-high, and you can find it in packages of 3 and 5 feminized seeds.

Ace Seeds CBD # 1 specimen
Ace Seeds CBD # 1 specimen

Purplediol Auto CBD

This Autoflowering option – or what is the same, not photodependent – offers a really high CBD index, over 17%, for only 0.5% THC. We find here a cross between Kush Rose Auto CBD and Afgan Rose Auto CBD from Elite Seeds, a mostly Indica plant that is ready in just 9 weeks from germination to harvest. Purplediol Auto CBD is available in packs of 3 feminized seeds.

Sweet Pure Auto CBD

Sweet Seeds presents Sweet Pure Auto CBD, an autoflowering hybrid between Sweet Pure CBD and Honey Peach Auto CBD in which CBD concentrations of between 8 and 20% can be found, with only 0.4-0.9% THC. Very fast developing, it will be ready for harvest about 8 weeks after germination, reaching heights between 50 and 80cm. Available in packs of 3, 5 and 25 feminized seeds.

High CBD certified hemp varieties

As we have commented previously, we now present a series of varieties of hemp with a THC index that allows its controlled cultivation in most countries. Remind you that the best thing before growing these plants is to make sure that you comply with all the requirements of each legislation (cultivation license, etc.). To do this, you can consult with the appropriate authorities what type of hemp varieties can they be grown in your area and what are the necessary requirements to do so in a totally safe and legal way.

Hemp has a multitude of uses
Hemp has a multitude of uses

Hemp seeds with a high CBD index

As you can see, there are many options when choosing ones low THC cannabis seeds, whether it be collector’s seeds or certified hemp, even autoflowering seeds. Do not hesitate to leave us your comments or experiences with this type of genetics, they are always well received.

Happy crops!

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