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Ah cannabis and its mysteries. A fascinating plant par excellence, weed, weed, marijuana has more than one trick up its sleeve. We talk about it most of the time for its effects, its virtues or its problems with justice. What is mentioned a little less often is its physical appearance, which is just as impressive. The proof with the many colored cannabis strains like Weed Purple, proudly displaying all the colors of the rainbow. However, is this just a visual feature or can purple, red or white weed be stronger, or even have different effects? Weedy explains everything there is to know about colored weed.

What is colored cannabis?

Purple, white, orange, green: colored cannabis is amazing

The colored cannabis is simply the generic name given to cannabis strains whose the dominant color is not green. In the vast majority of cases, the plants are essentially green. This is due to the production of chlorophyll, a pigment that absorbs light to turn it into energy. In some cases, however, other pigments take over. We will come back to that.

In the case of colored cannabis, the change from green to the background can be due to two main factors:

  • The environment in which the plant grows (temperature, amount of sunshine, nutrients available, acidity or not of the environment, etc.),
  • Its own genetics, giving it its own characteristics, directly induced by genes. This is particularly the case with “Weed Purple” (purple weed).

In both cases, the coloring of the cannabis appears due to a excessive pigment production, which will replace the traditional green. One pigment in particular plays a determining role:anthocyane.

Anthocyanins, to see life in rose violet

Anthocyanins are other pigments very present in leaves, petals and fruits of certain plant species. Their name, of Greek origin, literally means “Dark blue flowers “. It is therefore no coincidence that they are found in blueberries, blackberries, black grapes, eggplants or even plums: it is the anthocyanins that give them their color, ranging from orange red to purple.

To come back to our purple weed, anthocyanins allow it to take on different colors of this spectrum, mainly depending on pH of the medium (more or less acidic or basic). We lend them in addition to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

The main categories of colored cannabis

The “white” varieties are characterized by an excessive production of trichomes

In articles on cannabis, or simply in online stores specializing in CBD, you will certainly discover images of cannabis in a wide variety of colors.

The reasons are just as varied:

  • Weed blanche: the “white” varieties do not really take on a special color but are on the contrary characterized by a massive accumulation of trichomes on the buds, the whiteness of which gives its name to these astonishing varieties.
  • Weed rouge orange: Like white cannabis, red or orange cannabis often does not involve coloring the entire plant, but simply a large amount of pistils, usually orange in color. It is also possible that the plant has been deprived of phosphorus and / or that the surrounding pH is acidic. The production of anthocyanins is then accelerated and the plant takes on autumnal colors.
  • Purple weed: undoubtedly the most famous, but also the most sought after and the most original. It often symbolizes growing in a cold climate, or quite simply a strain with rare genetics.
  • Yellow variety: here again, yellow can appear when genetics lend themselves to it and anthocyanin production is particularly low.
  • Black cannabis: coming from a cold climate, we hear very little about it.

Weed purple: the most common colored cannabis strains

Purple weed strains are the queens of colored cannabis
Purple weed strains are the queens of colored cannabis

Purple weed, purple weed, purple weed, purple weed: the names to qualify it are almost as numerous as the purple cannabis strains. I have to say that purple cannabis is certainly the most sought after by consumers. We lend it all kinds of qualities: more marked effects, exceptional genetics, powerful aromas …

Even if a good part of its reputation is fantasized, it remains particularly sought after by consumers and producers alike. Many varieties have been created to put the color purple in the spotlight. This is particularly the case with Purple Haze, a sativa made famous by Jimi Hendrix, or even Purple Kush, an indica known for its relaxation and stress relief skills. These varieties quite simply have genetics conducive to the production of anthocyanin pigments to the detriment of chlorophyll, favoring the appearance of purple leaves and flowers.

Is purple weed stronger in CBD?

Among the many urban legends circulating in the cannabis world, there is one that has a tough skin: colored cannabis would be stronger. The fault in particular with the hybrid varieties created above all for their ability to display beautiful purple or other colors and also giving pride of place to THC. This is the case, for example, with Purple Kush, often presented as part of the top 10 most potent strains in the world. And not just within colored cannabis!

Yet aside from the hue, not much changes in a colored cannabis plant. A purple CBD flower is therefore neither stronger nor of better quality, nor more concentrated in CBD.. Or at least not because of its color.

Effects of colored cannabis

Often hybrids in the current market, colored cannabis strains historically seem to have characteristics that lead them mainly to indicas and therefore to the relaxation. They therefore lead to same effects as green cannabis. However, some studies suggest that anthocyanins, more present in purple cannabis, are of powerful antioxidants. It therefore seems possible to benefit from it through the consumption of colored cannabis, but no direct link has yet been established on this subject.

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