how to make your own cannabis butter?

You may have heard of cannabutter, or cannabis butter. Mysterious for the uninitiated, it is nevertheless easy to make and very practical to use in various recipes. The Weedy team shares with you its homemade cannabutter recipe and explains what to do with it!

What is cannabutter?

Cannabutter: fresh butter and quality legal cannabis

Cannabutter, sometimes called cannabis butter in French or Marrakech butter (usually to refer to its version including THC) is quite simply a classic butter infused with cannabis. By heating butter and light cannabis together, the cannabinoids dissolve in the fat which contributes to better assimilation by the human body.

Thus, cannabutter is a original product, can be used like any other butter in cooking and baking while enjoying the effects of CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids.

Doing cannabutter is extremely simple and does not require special equipment. So you can get started in just about any kitchen. You just have to be patient: a slowly infused butter will be of better quality.


  • A small cup of butter (about 150 grams)
  • A small cup of flowers (8-10 grams) or CBD crumbs (15/20 grams)

Step 1: decarboxylate light cannabis

Vary cannabutter recipes by choosing CBD flowers with strong aromas
Vary cannabutter recipes by choosing CBD flowers with strong aromas

After choosing your favorite CBD flower strain, start with decarboxylating the buds. This somewhat barbaric word simply implies to roast in the oven in order to cause the transformation of CBDA into CBD: without this step, the butter will certainly taste good, but not the effects of cannabidiol!

The method is simple: preheat the oven to 120 ° C, then let your CBD flowers dry on baking paper (it prevents them from sticking) for 40 to 45 minutes, turning them from time to time in time.

Trick : increasing the temperature to save time causes the degradation of cannabinoids and therefore less healthy and effective cannabis butter. Try the recipe on a day when you have time!

Step 2: grind the CBD flowers

Once the CBD flowers have been decarboxylated, pass them briefly with a hand grinder to obtain a coarsely ground mix.

Trick : you can also opt for CBD crumbs. You can then simply reduce the decarboxylation time slightly (the pieces are smaller and therefore faster to dry) and skip this step. Our CBD crumb mix is ​​ideal for making aromatic and legal cannabutter.

Step 3: melt the butter and add the light cannabis

Melt the butter in the saucepan, adding the same amount of water. This prevents the butter from burning and makes the liquid easier to handle. When it starts to melt, add the light cannabis crumbs to the mixture.

Step 4: simmer

Simmer for two to three hours stirring occasionally.

Trick : if you have a kitchen thermometer, try to stay between 70 and 90 ° C throughout the recipe so as not to degrade the CBD. The mixture can simmer, but never boil.

Step 5: filter

There are easy ways to strain your cannabis butter on your own at home
There are easy ways to strain your cannabis butter on your own at home

In the rules of the art, it would take a cheesecloth, a cooking filter usually made of cloth and used to drain the cheese. In the “homemade” version, there are, however, plenty of little tips to filter your mix of melted butter and CBD flowers with the means at hand. The simplest ? A coffee filter placed in a funnel above any container in which you can let your cannabutter cool.

Trick : avoid squeezing the mixture through the filter. This would speed up the process, but would have the disadvantage of allowing certain parts of the plant to pass through which would make the taste stronger and not necessarily more pleasant (chlorophyll, plant waste). So let the liquid flow quietly through the filter to keep only the best and make the most of the effects and aromas of your favorite CBD cannabis strain !

Step 6: refrigerate

Place the filtered cannabutter in the refrigerator until it solidifies. If a little water separates from the mixture, you can simply drain it.

Step 7: taste!

Your cannabis butter is ready, you can now enjoy it! Some amateurs eat it on its own on bread. The main interest, however, remains to use it for cooking or baking, for example by trying our recipe for CBD chocolate cookies.

Trick : the effects of cannabutter are longer to manifest than with other derivative products such as CBD oil or CBD e-liquids. So always start your consumption gently, even if it means taking more the next time! It is not uncommon to not feel the peak effects until an hour after the first bite, or even more depending on your condition at the time: we all react differently to CBD.

CBD in the kitchen, what for?

CBD and food are very regularly associated. Apart from a certain trend, hemp is particularly popular with cooks and consumers alike because of its natural richness in fatty acids and vegetable proteins. Healthy, it is particularly known to be an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even an antidepressant. Cooked, it is above all a fun and enjoyable way to enjoy the effects and aromas of legal cannabis.

To conclude: why use cannabis butter in cooking?

  • Allows you to enjoy the effects of CBD in an original way
  • Causes long-lasting effects
  • Already contains a fat that facilitates its assimilation
  • Provides a different taste for those who don’t like CBD oil
  • Allows you to play with the best cannabis strains and their special flavors
  • Homemade product where you master the ingredients and the dosage of the recipe
  • Healthy and legal method of taking (no smoke harmful to the lungs in particular)

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