Prepare cannabis olive oil in 5 easy steps.

By now, we’re more than sure you’ve heard of cannabis oil. It is a type of oil that has become very popular thanks to its many health benefits. So much so, that it is not only known to cannabis growers or consumers, but to a much wider audience that has never had a relationship with the world of cannabis. It is increasingly present in cosmetic items, creams or different ointments that help relieve certain muscle pain. Today we are going to teach you Prepare homemade cannabis olive oil to use it sublingually or to accompany your food.

Preparing cannabic olive oil is very simple. Pueto do it with any kind of marijuana seeds. It does not matter if it is THC dominant or high CBD strains.

It should be noted that, if you do not want to feel any psychoactive effect, the ideal is to use a variety rich in CBD and with low content of THC.


What do I need to prepare marijuana oil?

To make cannabic olive oil you will need:

  • 500 ml of extra virgin olive oil.
  • 20-25 gr of dried and cured buds.
  • Big spoon.
  • 1 small pot (approximately 1L).
  • 1 large pot (3 to 5 L).
  • Coffee filter.
  • Fine metal strainer.
  • 5 liters of bottled water.
  • Glass container with lid.

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How to prepare cannabis oil?

Boil the marijuana

Boil the cannabis. Photo:

Put the pot of water on the fire. As soon as it boils, lower the heat a little and add the marijuana. Constantly stir the broth for 10 minutes.

This step is carried out to completely eliminate the bitter taste of chlorophyll.

Strain the marijuana

Strain the cannabis with the metal strainer. Photo:

As soon as the indicated time elapses, strain the cannabis using the metal strainer. Do not press, let the water drain on its own completely.

Dry the buds well

Once the buds have been strained, you should remove as much of the water as possible. You can use pkitchen towel to dry them.

Important note: Make sure the paper does not contain any scent.

Place the buds on top of the paper and leave them until they have absorbed the water. Remember that you should not pressure them.

Add the olive oil and take to a bain-marie

Add the olive oil. Photo:

In the small pot add 500 ml of olive oil and place the clean cannabis.

Fill the large pot with water and insert the smaller pot and bring to the fire.

Place the smaller pot into the large pot. Photo:

It should be boiled for approximately 2 or 3 hours, although when the first 45 minutes have elapsed it is recommended to gradually lower the heat.

You will notice how the oil gradually turns an increasingly intense green color.


After removing the oil from the heat, let it cool down well and pass it through the coffee filter. This step requires patience and you must do it carefully.

And with this last step, you would have your marijuana oil ready.

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How to preserve cannabis oil

Ideally, you should keep it in glass containers and store them in a cool, dry and dark place. This way you can keep it for a long time.

Benefits of marijuana oil

Here we will leave you some of the benefits of this powerful oil.


Cannabis oil is ideal for those who suffer from anxiety or are under high levels of stress.

Avoid insomnia

Due to its relaxing characteristics, marijuana oil is excellent for fighting difficulties when it comes to falling asleep.

Powerful pain reliever

Many users claim that cannabis oil can be even more effective than morphine.

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