Curer vs Fenix. Benefits and differences of vaporizers

Did you know that at Flor Prohibida we have vaporizers for cannabis? Using a vaporizer for cannabis is a cleaner, safer and less harmful option to use. Learn about its benefits and the types of vaporizers that exist on the market with us.

What are the benefits of vaporizers?

According to recent studies, vaporizing cannabis is an option safer and less harmful compared to smoking. Providing the same experience pleasant and being healthier, profitable and discreet.

They are recommended by many doctors as one of the safest methods of consuming cannabis, as they produce a pure and clean steam no combustion offering a more pleasant experience compared to smoking.

Its inhalation is perfect for consumers seeking immediate relief, since lEffects appear much faster. The start of vaporization is quick, immediate and lasts from two to three hours, also making it a more convenient and controlled consumption method.

A vaporizer converts 46% of the available THC into vapor, while smoking converts less than 25%, so less cannabis is needed to achieve the desired experience.

Portable vaporizers are ideal for when you are on the go, are designed to fit in the palm of your hand and the vapor they produce is virtually odorless and dissipates almost immediately.

What types of vaporizers are there?


These vaporizers are capable of producing better steam and a bigger impact. Thanks to having a higher power output and the larger container, your herbs and concentrates heat up faster. A good option when hanging out with friends who are enthusiastic about vaping.

At Flor Prohibida we have desktop vaporizers such as the Verdamper Deluxe Large, VOLCANO ANALOG, electronic vaporizer In Alu Case, Digital Extreme Q, Graveda GV2-A2020, Fuzion GVR 600. Here we will talk a little more about some of them.


VOLCANO ANALOGUE desktop vaporizer

It is considered by experts as the most professional vaporizer and best developed that exists in the market.

It is an electromechanical vaporizer adjustable between 130or and 230orC. During vaporization the materials are exposed to a controlled thermal air stream, whereby the contents are vaporizes and goes on air to be able to be inhaled.

It is characterized by its performance of active ingredients, which becomes 3 or 4 times higher regarding smoking or smoking.

Digital Extreme Q

Digital Extreme Q Desktop Vaporizer

A true delight, a herb, resin or essential oil vaporizer. One of the best in the market for its high quality materials and assembly of its parts.

Created with the latest technology, its heating elements are capable of reaching vaporization temperatures in just two minutes. You have the option of vaporizing using balloon bag or nozzle tube, or if you prefer, you can use it to aromatherapy, with essential oils, and as fragrance.

It is one of the most complete, since it incorporates a remote control, a digital temperature controller, among other qualities.


They are the perfect vaporizers if you are interested in doing it while you are away from home or need a break. They are vaporizers that you can carry in your pocket from your pants or in a small bag.

In Flor Prohibida we have some of them like the V-One Plus, the Crafty, the Da Vinci, Da Vinci IQ and DaVinci Miqro, Mighty, the Pax 3 and Sinopia by Kalumet. Next, we will go deeper into some of them.

Da Vinci IQ

Lightweight, durable, with smart connectivity and a long-lasting battery. The latest in technology in terms of portable vaporizers and with a guarantee of up to 10 years.

It works through a front control panel with more than 50 LEDs, which allows us to configure and use the vaporizer to our liking. Its bluetooth connectivity allows absolute control over the vaporizer, temperature or the Smart Phats.

One of its innovations is an aromatic chamber, in which the steam passes through this removable chamber and can add flavors to the steam outlet.

Pax 3

This vaporizer is the most popular, offering us the possibility of vaporizing dry marijuana, BHO extractions, Rosin, Wax or E-liquids.

With an elegant design and so resistant that we will have a 10-year guarantee.

It turns on just by picking it up and it will be ready to vaporize in just 15 seconds, with its motion sensors it will turn off when you leave it so that your herb or concentrates are not consumed.

One of its characteristics is the vibration or haptic feedback, making the vaporizer vibrate when you are ready to vape. And it also allows you to connect by buetooth to your mobile, allowing you to control the vaporization temperature through it. With three different bowl sizes, easily interchangeable, to adapt your vaporizer to the desired duration.


These are vaporizers laptops to which e-liquids are added, liquid solutions made up of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, which may contain scents or CBD. Some examples of these vaporizers that we have at Flor Prohibida are the following.

iStick Pico

Combine a reduced size and comfortable with a great power and interchangeable battery.

Your clearomizer has a capacity of 2ml, 22mm diameter, top reload Y adjustable air intake control. With two resistors of 0.3 ohm and 0.5 ohm, interchangeable.

Thanks to its great power you can use it to vape marijuana extractions with the liquid Wax Liquidizer.

Smok Vape Pen 22

This is the perfect vaporizer if you are looking to get started in the world of vapers. It stands out for its extreme simplicity, easy and intuitive to use. It is ergonomic and lightweight, with a 2 ml capacity clearomizer and very easy maintenance as it is removable.

Its 0.3 ohm Dual Core resistors make an explosive set allowing you to create big clouds of steam with great flavor.

Is it bad for your health to vaporize marijuana?

The answer is no.

Most cases of vaping injuries are associated with the use of liquid vapors and usually related to errors by users, who use the products incorrectly or have defective devices.

By having a device in poor condition, they run the risk of the e-liquid getting into their mouths and accidentally ingesting large doses. The worst outcome is if this fluid ends up in the lungs.

On the other hand, the dry grass is not liquid in nature no risk inhalation or accidental ingestion. Additionally, dry herb vaporizers use convection and conduction heating methods that eliminate carbon monoxide production, a dangerous by-product of traditional smoking methods.

These devices also create aerosol sprays that dissipate quickly in the atmosphere and pose no risks to those close to you, unlike secondhand smoke.

The vaporizer 3 in 1, can be used for dry herbs, wax and waxes.

It is designed with a glass filter pipe, which makes the smoke seep through the water, providing an incredible herbal vaping experience.

It has 3 specific heating coils and replaceable to use depending on whether you are using dry herb, oil or wax.

With a size of 101x56x25 mm it has a capacity of up to 0.2 g in wax, 0.15 / 0.2 g in dry herb and 0.7 ml in oil. It has a 1600 mAh battery it heats up in 2 seconds.

Fenix ​​Mini Vaporizer

As with the Curer, the Fenix ​​Mini will allow us to vaporize up to 3 elements in a single device (dry herb, wax and wax).

It has a container chamber for up to 0.15 grams of dried herbs with a two hour charge and a auto power off system at four minutes.

An inexpensive, simple vaporizer, with an excellent convection system to enjoy more flavor and with a reduced size.

With a great OLED display at the top showing the set temperatures and the effective temperature, including the number of seconds remaining before it automatically shuts off. With a air heating 100% patented and Quick (between 20 and 30 seconds).

Has a isolated airway for added security, a removable glass mouthpiece and easy to clean. The body is rubberized for easy grip and the stainless steel bowl, with a weight of 135 grams and a size of 80x25x50 mm.

Differences between Fenix ​​and Curer

Both vaporizers serve the same purpose, they are 3 in 1, since both have the ability to be used for both dry herb, wax or wax.

Regarding the warm-up time, the Curer will heat up in just 2 seconds compared to 20 seconds for the Fenix. In addition, the Curer presents a better cooling and has higher filling capacity.

As to loading times, the Fenix ​​will charge in 2 hours compared to 3 hours for the Curer.

Although they have minor differences, both devices are portable, fit in the hand, are very easy to use and of a very good quality.

Are you convinced by vaporizers? We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions and stop by our website to see all the vaporizers that we have at Flor Prohibida.

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