Powerhouse Infused-Water Company Alkaline88 Starts Healthy CBD Brand A88CBD

Cannabis.net got to sit down with Wilbur You, Advisory Board Member to Alkaline88 to discuss what makes Alkaline88 so great and what made the famous brand want to start a CBD product line. 

Q: Alkaline88 is a very successful brand already, what got you interested in CBD products?

It was all about wellness and for people to have a great and healthy lifestyle. Alkaline88 already helps people with their wellness by providing quality alkaline water to stay hydrated with. So we wanted to continue to provide that wellness—but with a wider variety of products that can be incorporated into anyone’s daily life. That’s where CBD came in. CBD is great because it can be used in so many things—gummies, chocolates, lotions, essential oils—and still provide that quality of natural wellness that people are looking for. 


Q: A88CBD is a great addition to the Alkaline88 family of healthy products, what makes your CBD products so different?

We really cater our products to functionality and taste. It’s what helped build Alkaline88 to what it is today. We took that same methodology to our CBD products. We make sure that all ingredients are carefully sourced and created. The CBD we use is extracted from premium, lab-tested hemp and contains no aftertaste or smell, so that our customers can truly enjoy the product.

We also really value transparency. That’s why with any product you buy from A88CBD you’ll be able to find its certificate of analysis on the website and also be able to find an ingredient list. We’ll never sell you a product that claims to be something it isn’t and we provide products with only the highest quality ingredients.


Q: What was one mistake you made while you were getting into the CBD market that you wish you could do over?

None. We really put our heads together, doubled down, and worked as a team to get into the CBD market and to get to where we are today.  There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to CBD marketing, and it’s important to over-communicate with everyone you’re working with to get the results you want. 


Q: What advice would you give someone looking to get into the CBD or cannabis space today?

Don’t. Or if you do, be prepared to face tons of different challenges, especially in the digital marketing world. There’s a lot of restrictions on CBD and what you can and can’t say in ads, so many times, our hands are tied when we are trying to market. For example, in Facebook ads you can’t say the word “CBD” or “cannabidiol” or anything like that. So it can be really challenging trying to market something without being able to say what it is. 

There’s definitely opportunity and demand for CBD, and if it’s something you really want to do, go for it. Just be prepared to hurdle those obstacles—and make sure you have a good network of support that can help you overcome the CBD marketing challenges. Stay positive and creative!


Q: How can people contact you about A88CBD? Email? Social channels?

Yes through our email and social channels! You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. And if you’re trying to shoot us an email, you can find all our contact info on our site. 


Q: Do you have any special coupon codes for Cannabis.net readers to try out A88CBD?

Use code 25OFF for 25% off your entire order! We do free shipping on our site, so combined with this 25% off coupon, you’ll be getting a kick-ass deal. 


Q: When do you see full cannabis legalization in the USA?

I think it’s here to stay, and I believe within the next few years it could happen. You already see the trends with Canada, and individual states. Definitely just with time and more knowledge.


Q: Does A88 have plans for THC-based products if we get full legalization?

Not at this moment no we don’t, but it’s an interesting idea and could potentially be worth exploring. 


Q: What advice would you give someone who has never tried CBD but is ready to try it after reading about A88CBD?

I think the biggest thing is to have an open mind. CBD is another thing you can add to your life to give it an aspect of wellness. Think about it like taking a vitamin supplement or drinking a cup of lemon water in the morning. This is just another thing you can do to help you feel your best. 


If you’re looking for more resources and want some background info on CBD and what it can do for you, check out our CBD for Beginners page on our website. 


Q: What are your favorite A88CBD products?

The A88CBD™ Lemon Lime Water and Gummies are hands down my favorite. They taste great. The gummies have a nice variety of flavors—like cherry, key lime, and tangerine—and they’re super convenient for on-the-go use. 


Our Lemon Lime CBD Water is truly exceptional. It’s specially formulated so that you can’t taste the CBD at all. There are no earthy aftertastes, so all you get is a really delicious, crisp Lemon Lime drink. I would argue it’s like lemonade, but better. And I love it because you get the post of both worlds: hydration and CBD wellness. 


Check out A88CBD by clicking here, or check out the Alkaline88 water brand, click here!





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