Is Molasses the Secret Ingredient to Growing Big, Dank Cannabis Buds?

molasses on cannabis plants

If you have a cannabis plant or farm, you will agree that it is a most prized possession. Because cannabis has become one of the most highly sought-after substances globally, you will always be ready to purchase whatever you need to improve the quality of your cannabis plant. 

Well, that particular “Thing” you need to add value to your cannabis plant is in your kitchen! Yes, it is, and we are talking about molasses, a kind of syrup containing vital minerals that will help your plant bloom. 

If you want a thriving cannabis plant with massive yields with all the benefits of fungi and bacteria in the soil, then keep on reading. You are about to discover why molasses is a fantastic supplement for your cannabis plant. 


What is molasses?

Molasses is a popular dark, syrupy and sweet substance within the world of organic cannabis growers constantly looking for new ways to boost their yields. It is sweet and sticky that provides lots of sugar and other advantageous nutrients to the plant. Molasses doesn’t only benefit the plant; it also helps the microbes in the soil. 

We get molasses through processing sugars from sugarcane and beets; during the production, these materials are boiled to a thick substance. Afterward, the sugar crystals are removed from the final product (after it boiled down), and what is left is called molasses. 

Sugar plays a crucial role in ensuring the robustness and health of the cannabis plant. Sugar enables the swift development of the cannabis plant throughout its life cycle, and it is responsible for the plant’s energy metabolism.

Cannabis naturally produces and distributes sugar, but the plants always require some boost to make this process more efficient. To support the plant needs, the cannabis grower will need supplements of which molasses is at the top of the recommendation list. 


The benefits of molasses on the cannabis plant

You may know molasses as a cooking ingredient used as a sweetener for soups and other meals, and it also boosts the yields of the cannabis plant. The sticky syrup is rich in nutrients that aid plant development and enriches the soil’s health. Most of the nutrients your cannabis plant requires to boost yields are found in molasses. 

Molasses is rich in carbohydrates which is a life-giving energy source that strengthens the microbes in the soil. The plant can tap into and multiply the nutrients it gets from the bacteria and fungi you place on the earth with the molasses. 

Cannabis plants require calcium to grow well, as this is one mineral that enables the plant’s physiology and encourages tissue growth while strengthening the cell walls. Well, molasses is rich in calcium, making it the perfect supplement for your cannabis plant. 

Iron is an essential micronutrient for the cannabis plant’s metabolic process and its respiration and photosynthesis. You can give your cannabis plant the right doses of iron through molasses. 

Stress negatively affects the appearance of your cannabis plant as well as its overall health. To protect the plant from stress, you will need the mineral called Selenium which activates anti-stress antioxidants and enzymes. Molasses contains Selenium in high doses. 


Types of molasses 

These benefits of molasses mentioned above will get you pumped and ready to shop for some molasses for your cannabis plant. When you go shopping, you will find a variety of molasses ad if you don’t know the different ones on offer, you may feel confused. So here are some of the most popular types of molasses. 


This type of molasses is known for being very rich and dark in color. Its distinct color and flavor are achieved through the rigorous boiling process: it is gotten after the third boil. Which means it is not very sweet and bitter as other kinds of molasses. 


The medium or dark molasses has an intense color and get after the second boil of beet juice and sugarcane. This type of molasses has a more robust flavor than light molasses, and the high carbohydrate concentration gives it a rich dark color. 


Growers refer to light molasses as the “Sweet” molasses, lighter in color than other types. This molasses is gotten after the first boil or sugarcane or beet juice; it has a more palatable flavor and is quite a popular choice for cannabis growers. 


Treale is gotten from boiling raw juice (the same way you get molasses). During production, the syrup is removed from the boil at the earlier stage of the process. It is sweeter than the other types of molasses and will be suitable for your cannabis plant. 


When deciding between sulphured or unsulphured molasses, we recommend that you go with the latter because it hasn’t been compromised with chemicals. Sulphured molasses damage the beneficial components in your soil because of their preservatives and chemical flavor. Therefore, unsulphured molasses should be the first choice. 

Some cannabis growers often ask if they can substitute molasses for honey since they both contain sugars. Well, molasses offers more to the cannabis plant than honey despite honey containing lots of sugar. The presence of large quantities of additional nutrients in molasses makes it a superior choice of a supplement to honey. 

To enhance your soil with molasses, you only have to add it to the soil through water or still dry. If you are applying it through water, then mix 4-5ml of molasses in one liter of water and stir. Apply the mixture to the soil 1-2 times weekly and increase the doses to 8-10ml when the cannabis plant reaches the flowering stage. 


Bottom Line 

 As human beings, we sometimes rely on supplements to provide some additional nutrients and minerals our bodies require to stay fit and healthy. Your cannabis plants as a living thing also need other supplements, and molasses is an excellent example of what you can feed your plant. 

Yes, there are several types of supplements for cannabis plants and farming practices that can boost your cannabis plant. But molasses has become a leading supplement in the cannabis growing sector for its versatility, value-based nutrients, and nutritional properties.








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