Over 1% of Israelis hold a medical cannabis license

Israeli medical cannabis, the real numbers

According to a latest report, nearly 95,000 citizens are licensed for possession and consumption of cannabis in Israel. A figure which represents more than 1% of the population composed of 9.3 million inhabitants. What is the authorized quantity and for which diseases?

For the first time last week, the number of Israelis licensed to use cannabis crossed the 1% threshold with 94,830 in 9.3 million patients, or 1 in 100 Israelis (including children) licensed. a medical license.

The data emerges from the May 2021 monthly report published by the dedicated unit ” Medical Cannabis Unit “, According to which an increase of about 3,000 new patients was recorded last month as well as every month throughout the past year.

A similar increase has been recorded, again exponentially, in the amount of cannabis to which tens of thousands of patients in Israel are entitled, which as of May 2021 stood at 3,455 tonnes per month. Note that this is the amount shown in the total number of licenses patients are entitled to, but not necessarily in the amount actually charged by patients.

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According to these data, in Israel, around 86% of patients using medical cannabis consume it as a flower and the rest as an oil.

According to the data, the vast majority of patients are licensed for the following components:

  1. “Chronic pain” has passed 50,000 patient threshold for the first time
  2. In second position is the “other” section for patients for no apparent reason, with more than 14,000 licenses.
  3. In third place is the “Oncology” section with more than 14,000 patients
  4. The fourth place is “psychiatry” with more than 9000 patients
  5. Patients with colitis and Crohn’s with over 2000
  6. Parkinson’s with over 1000
  7. Multiple sclerosis with over 700
  8. Adult epilepsy with more than 500 patients,
  9. End patients with more than 400
  10. Tourette syndrome with more than 400
  11. There are around 300 children with epilepsy treated with medical cannabis.
  12. over 200 with autism
  13. over 200 with AIDS (HIV)
  14. 6 people with glaucoma

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According to the data (PDF), more than 80% of license holders are entitled to an amount of up to 50 grams (inclusive) per month, while the remaining 20% ​​are entitled to 60 grams per month or more.

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