NFL to award $ 1 million for pain research and cannabinoids

The National American Football League ready to associate cannabinoids with its research

The National Football League Pain Management Committee and the NFL Players Association jointly announced on Tuesday that they were ready to begin further research by providing $ 1 million to fund five studies on pain management and cannabinoids.

For years, the NFL has suspended players if they tested positive for cannabis. This changed with the collective labor agreement approved a year ago. Today, the league wants to learn more about the safety and effectiveness of cannabis and CBD, especially as a potential alternative to opioids.

The Request for Proposal is the next step in the NFL’s change to the use of cannabis by players, some of whom have long argued that it is safer for them to smoke weed to treat pain than to take drugs. prescription drugs.

Up to five grants are expected to be awarded at the end of the year. Dr Kevin Hill, co-chair of the pain management committee said that at present, the level of interest in the use of medical cannabis far exceeds the level of evidence available.

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He added that the committee has heard mixed results from gamers regarding the use of marijuana to treat pain. Hill said there are indications that using medical marijuana and CBD to treat pain may be riskier than most people realize and that the doses needed to treat the pain may create a risk. liver toxicity and interactions with other drugs.

League physician Dr Allen Sills said another question arises when it comes to the use of medical cannabis: How does the use of CBD affect athlete performance? She replied that there is a need for better information and better understanding. When we talk about allowing elite athletes to use CBD to treat pain, we want to make sure it’s, # 1 safe, and # 2 effective. I don’t think we’re there yet.

The announcement of the NFL-funded grants comes four months after the league called on the industry to research CBD and other cannabinoids for pain management, but said it would not pay for this information. The NFL updated its policy last fall to discourage athletes from endorsing products containing CBD or other cannabinoids.

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