Marijuana Regeneration – Second Bud Bloom 🌿

Benefits of Regenerating Marijuana plant

Having a plant that can bloom twice brings us more benefits than disadvantages when growing, we tell you the key points and benefits to emphasize:

– It allows save an enormous amount of time to the grower. You take advantage of the same plant to produce 2 crops. It is a process in which we get a 2 × 1. However, we have to be aware that the second bloom will be smaller than the first.

– Can preserve the good genetics of the plant, in the event that it has conquered us. Get mother plants. In some cases, it can enhance and increase the potency and flavor of consecutive harvests.

– They can take cuttings of this revegetation phase, in this way we increase the number of female and viable plants.

– Next, we start the growth phase with the new cuttings, continue with the flowering phase and get new crops. This is something fundamental for the medicinal grower, which needs only one or two plants of constant quality.

– For the private grower, it is also a benefit, since he has restrictions with the number of plants grown legally.

– Rejuvenate a plant after the first flowering.

– Production of two crops in the same year.

Is it Possible to Shrink Marijuana 2 times outdoors?

The regeneration of the marijuana plant outdoors is also possible. In general, this option is only viable in climates with little seasonal variation. As usually happens in tropical climates or in equatorial regions.

Some famous examples are:

– In Hawaii, Its tropical climate is known, in addition to surfing it is good for marijuana plants. Growers in the subtropics have kept active plants for years and produced several crops in a row.

– Reunion Islandlocated in Africa, it is a French colony, where a well-known long-lived genetics called “perpetual gathering herb” have been created. grows between reefs and volcanoes. They can give up to 2 or 3 crops in a row.

Tips to start the marijuana regeneration process

We are going to give you some tips to get started marijuana regeneration process:

1) We will start by pruning the plant, with a sterilized scissors. To sterilize you can dissolve 10% bleach in water and this will help eliminate any bacteria from the scissors.

2) Once sterilized we have to dry the scissors very well, there cannot be any liquid left or we will burn the plant.

3) We must also clean the leaves, with a cloth soaked in medical alcohol it would be worth it, so as not to damage the leaves or break them.

4) Once the tools and the plant have been disinfected, we will proceed to locate the cut-off point.

5) Being a mature marijuana plant, we have to try to remove all the buds, leaves and stems from the upper third, before starting to cut.

6) The central part must be left with the large blades in place, not randomly cut.

7) At the bottom, we have to leave all the small buds and small leaves intact. We cannot go overboard with pruning, since this lower part is essential for the regeneration of the plant.

8) The cut must be made between the central part and the lower third, it must be straight, in a horizontal line and about 2 centimeters maximum in size. Avoid cutting the plant at an angle, since that cut is used more for cloning and in this case it is for regeneration.

9) Once the upper branches are cut, the process of regeneration of the marijuana begins.

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