Marijuana cookies without oven!

We expand our “cannarecetario” with another great kitchen idea with our beloved plant as a surprise ingredient, and in this case also, no need for oven. In less than 30 minutes we will have our cold marijuana cookies ready. We tell you how and what we will need to prepare them.

Ingredients to make marijuana cookies WITHOUT an oven

As always, we recommend that you follow the quantities in detail in all recipes and especially in pastry preparations. You can take as a reference that a teaspoon of tea or coffee contains about 20 grams and a conventional glass about 250ml.

In addition, you will see that you will not need great previous knowledge for this preparation that will not even require an oven to finish and that it will be ready in just half an hour.

  • Dark chocolate or cocoa powder 30gr

We will need only 30 grams of a quality pastry chocolate. We can acquire it in the format that we like the most, whether it is a tablet that we can chop or grate; or, seeds or cocoa powder that we will add directly.

Marijuana cookies without oven!  3For the sugar, as always you can choose the one you like the most, although we will always recommend the use of natural whole cane sugar or panela. For this preparation, an amount of 230 grams is essential.

  • Homemade marijuana butter 115gr

Marijuana cookies without oven!  4Another simple recipe where we can use our homemade marijuana butter. In this case, we will add 115 grams directly, no need to dilute. If you have never prepared it homemade, we encourage you to do so. In this blog you have the recipes for both the one prepared with conventional butter of animal origin, and the one we make with coconut oil, you can check them here:This is how marijuana butter is preparedY Marijuana butter for vegans with coconut oil.

Marijuana cookies without oven!  5For milk, we can use whatever we prefer. In our case, we have always tried cow’s milk but without lactose and the end result is excellent. Try the milk that suits you best, We will only need half a glass.

Marijuana cookies without oven!  6One of the crunchy and delicious touches of these cold marijuana cookies are the oatmeal. You can find them in any supermarket in breakfast format or of better quality in stores specialized in vegan / vegetarian diets, gluten-free, organic, etc. With 225 grams of this ingredient we will have enough.

  • Peanut butter 225gr

Marijuana cookies without oven!  7

Today we can buy this Yankee delicacy in almost any store or department store in our country and it is also delicious. To prepare our cookies we will have to have 225 grams of peanut butter that will give them greater texture and flavor.

Marijuana cookies without oven!  8And the last ingredient will be vanilla. This peculiar aroma will marry perfectly with the rest, finishing off the final flavor. For this case, you can choose to add it in the way you prefer. In the market we can find it in natural pods, in liquid essence or even in vanilla sugar or vanillin. If you choose the natural pod, it will be enough to add the content of one, otherwise a splash of essence or a teaspoon of vanillin is enough.

Step-by-step preparation: how to make marijuana cookies without an oven

  1. We take a saucepan medium size and we put it over low / medium heat.
  2. We add the 230 grams of sugar along with the 115 grams of our marijuana butter homemade and stir until it is integrated.
  3. With fully integrated butter and sugar we go to pour the chocolate. We remember that we can choose both dark chocolate in bars and in nuggets and even cocoa powder and that 30 grams will suffice.
  4. Once the mixture acquires the color of chocolate, we will add the 125ml of milk. We continue stirring until the milk is integrated into the preparation. We have to be continually aware of the fire, keeping it low / medium without boiling, but with the right temperature so that it facilitates the mixing work and does not damage the THC that marijuana butter may contain.
  5. We add the 225 grams of peanut butter, along with the 225 grams of rolled oats and the vanilla aroma and… we are almost done!
  6. We take one shallow baking tray and elongated, and cover it with greaseproof paper. We spread our thick mixture with a trowel, trying to smooth it out as much as possible. We must leave the dough with a thickness of about 2cm.
  7. And here comes the magic, the tray will be baked, but these marijuana cookies are chilled instead of baked. It will be enough that we put them in the fridge for about 10 or 15 minutes and they will be ready to enjoy.
  8. Our final advice is split the final preparation already cooled and hard by hand and either way, leaving uneven but easy to eat chunks.

We hope you like this new and easy recipe that ends up in the fridge and doesn’t take long to prepare.

Marijuana cookies without oven!  9

To enjoy it 100%, it is recommended that as always its injesta be in moderation, since ingested marijuana has a higher effect than consumed regularly. The ideal is to start trying these delicious cold marijuana cookies with caution and in small amounts, and depending on the effect, increase the amount if desired.

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