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Since ancient times, human beings have had the need to control time and the changes that are associated with its evolution. The invention of the clock is probably the greatest manifestation of this human concern for the passage of time, but it is not the only one, much less the oldest. Lunar calendars began to be used more than 8,000 years ago and since then they have been a very valuable tool for scheduling any type of cultivation, including marijuana.

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The usefulness of the lunar calendar in 2018

In previous editions of our lunar calendar for growing marijuana, many of you asked us about the usefulness and scope of this tool in different parts of the planet. To clear up all those common doubts, this time we have preferred to make it clear from the beginning.

The influence that the moon exerts on marijuana crops (and any other type of crop) is similar in all corners of the Earth. Whether you are in Spain or on the other side of the Atlantic, either in the southern hemisphere, or in the northernmost point of the planet, according to the lunar calendar, cultivation tasks will be the same in any region of the world.

outdoor marijuanaThus, using this calendar is much easier than you might imagine. The important thing is to be clear that you do not have to get carried away by the phases of the moon according to the vision that each grower has from the geographical point where he is, since this is only a spatial perception. The appearance of the Moon in the different hemispheres refers only to how it looks, but not to its actual phase. That is, when we say that the Moon is in a waxing phase, it grows for everyone equally. The angle of view does not interfere with the influence of the Moon on your plants, wherever you are, so the calendar is applicable to all crops on the planet.

Can the lunar calendar be applied in indoor crops?

It is another one of the million questions. And since you do it a lot, we will try to clarify it in the simplest way possible. Although it is logical to think that if our marijuana cultivation is not abroad, the influence of the Moon has rather little to do, this is a fairly widespread misconception.

The lunar calendar can also be applied in a marijuana crop indoor since that energy that connects the planet with its satellite is the same inside and outside the home. The problem is not that the influence of the Moon does not reach indoor plants with such intensity (we are talking about the Moon, not the signal WiFi of your neighbor) but crops indoor they have another rhythm germination, growth, flowering and harvest, so it can sometimes be a bit more difficult to adjust to the times indicated by the lunar calendar.

In any case, if these times correspond relatively well with the progress of what the calendar indicates, you can apply those same recommendations in your indoor and outdoor plants without interfering with the success of the results obtained.

The key times in planning your cultivation with the 2018 lunar calendar

moon phases growing marijuana

In Yervagüena’s 2018 lunar calendar you have all the information you need to plan your marijuana crops for the next year. Exact dates and precise indications with which you can already organize everything so that no detail escapes you and in 2018 you will get one of those championship cannabis crops.

Knowing with certainty what the phase of the moon is on each day of the calendar, you will have it much easier to act on your crops in the right way. Don’t lose sight of those days marked in red in which the energies of the moon do not bring anything good, so it is better that you let your plants rest while that negative influence lasts. And as for the rest of the dates, always keep this basic scheme in mind:

  • Crescent: When the transit to the full Moon begins, the seeds of the plants are also filled with energy. For this reason it has always been considered that the crescent phase is the best for the germination of your marijuana seeds. Normally the seeds are germinated towards the last moment of this phase since this way their planting can coincide with the first day of the full moon, to take advantage of the full potential of this moment.
  • Full moon: If the Moon shines so strongly during this stage of its cycle, it is not only because of its position with respect to the Sun. The satellite fills with energy and its influence is also much more noticeable on everything that happens in your crops. It is a good time to plant or transplant as this energy increases sap production, increased foliage and vertical growth.
  • Last quarter: the decay cycle begins and the lunar power is no longer as intense as in the previous two phases. The brightness of the Moon is dimmer and that causes the plant sage to begin to descend as well. Growth will be slightly slowed down during this stage in exchange for stronger roots.
  • New Moon: it is a resting phase. The Moon is barely bright, so the crops cannot capture its energy. What to do during these days? It is a good time for pruning or for tutoring your crops. As long as the plants are in a resting phase, these changes will not affect it.

Take advantage of this ancient knowledge to get the most out of your crops during 2018. In a simple and very graphic way you will be able to determine what the needs of your plants are day by day and what is best for them based on what the user says. Moon’s calendar.

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