Biobizz Greenhouse Truck visits Yervagüena GrowDeluxe

Do not make plans for next Thursday, December 14, which in Yervagüena we already do for you. The Biobizz greenhouse truck visits our facilities on Avenida Mendavia 37 in Logroño (Polígono Cantabria) to share with you a lot of interesting knowledge about the cultivation of marijuana… and some other things!

Do you know Biobizz’s greenhouse on wheels?

To celebrate its 25th birthday, the Biobizz company came up with a fantastic idea: to take a road tour of Europe and share its innovative organic cultivation proposals with growers of all nationalities.

Thus was born Greenhouse On Wheels (GOW), a two-year project in which four conductors with extensive knowledge in the field of organic fertilizers travel the continent to share with you the best of this alternative crop.

Tools, products, knowledge and advice travel on board this greenhouse truck that is taking the philosophy of ecological and self-sustaining gardens to all parts of Europe. A very original organic project that not only benefits your crop but the planet as a whole.

In addition, each kilometer traveled is transformed into 50 cents that will go towards the development of a local ecological project, from an initiative to take better advantage of recycling to the creation of a community garden. All kinds of proposals are accepted, so you can go racking your brain.

You have an appointment with the Biobizz greenhouse truck in Yervagüena

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Where is the next stop for the Greenhouse On Wheels? Very close here, in the Yervagüena facilities of the Polígono Cantabria, in Logroño. In the same way that on other occasions you have stopped by our store to get everything you need for your cannabis plants, now you have many more reasons to pay us a visit.

The masters of self-sustainable cultivation come together in this playful and educational meeting in which you are sure to find something that surprises you, that excites you or that, simply, is great for your marijuana crops.

Increasing environmental awareness is everyone’s business, so this will be a participatory meeting full of activities, gifts, merchandising and the odd surprise that we prefer not to discover until the day of the event.

Join the ecological revolution of Biobizz and do not miss your appointment next Thursday from 5:00 p.m. with the Greenhouse On Wheels. We’ll be waiting for you!

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