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Defining the dosage of drugs based on cannabis requires medical monitoring and attention from patients and guardians. This is because the dosage is directly linked to the effectiveness of the treatment and each organism acts in a different way towards the substance. Each endocannabinoid system is unique and therefore requires personalized treatment. So how to define Cannabis dosage?

The question about how to define the dosage is not only for those who intend to be treated with cannabis, but also for doctors who do not prescribe it yet, but want to start offering cannabis therapy to their patients. The concern ranges from how to start to where to go with the dosage.

However, right off the bat, it is important to point out that cannabis is a potentially safe substance, but with side effects that need to be considered and certain specific restrictions that doctors need to be aware of before setting the dosage.

The recommendation is that the therapeutic use of Cannabis should be started with a low dose.

There is still not a range of studies that really contribute to the elucidation on how to define the dosage of Cannabis. However, given the safety of the plant, it is possible to reach the therapeutic dose easily if you start with a low dose.

From that point onwards, the physician begins to monitor how the patient interacts with the medication and regulates the dosage according to the effects observed during treatment.

Standardized Cannabis Dosage

It is also common to doubt about a possible standardized dose in the treatment of specific diseases, such as chronic diseases and epilepsy.

According to the doctor. Paula Dall’Stella, there are studies in the medical literature that suggest how to define the specific dosage of Cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder.

“For these diseases, and especially for refractory epilepsy, it is recommended to start with a low dose. Around 0.5 milligrams per kilogram of weight/day. This dosage can reach up to 50 milligrams per kilogram of weight/day”, explains Dall’Stella.

The doctor emphasizes that it is important to note that few patients need the maximum dose, but it may happen that the doctor needs to set the dosage of Cannabis high to meet the need for treatment of a particular disease.

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