Tasting and Opinions of California Hash Plant Dinafem

This time I am going to leave you my opinions, review and how much from California hash plant from Dinafem. I have grown 20 different seeds and among them there have been several variants or phenotypes, that is, I have tested it well, well, well.

Now I am going to leave a brief description that Dinafem makes about her plant, and later I will leave you in my personal assessment both of the smoked how to grow it.

Dice Dinafem:

1- California Hash Plant generates a relaxing and lasting physical effect, very similar to that of hashish. This effect of a gentle nature is indicated for rest and when absolute peace is sought. At a therapeutic level, it can be used as a painkiller to calm anxiety and nervousness problems.

2- Its aroma is mild and does not attract much attention, and its flavor presents nuances cured and concentrated to hash afgano, to earth and you season. The similarity with the flavor of kif is such that, except for the most specialists, it is really difficult to distinguish whether quif or marijuana is smoked.

Tasting and Opinions of California Hash Plant Dinafem, AutoCultivo
Bud of the California Hash Plant Dinafem with 45 days of flowering.

My opinion or Crop Review California Hash Plant

I have grown the California hash plant in two ways or with two techniques, the SCROG technique and the SOG technique, as you can see in the follow-ups that are on the web, check it yourself, that is, it is not that I am telling you by mouth. , if not that it is verified and documented on this website of course, otherwise it would not be fair to leave opinions.

As for the SCROG technique, the truth has been very good, producing in 50 days very good tips with the elbows. In general, it is a plant that is very easy to grow and very little attention.


With the SOG technique, the plant has reacted badly, of 8 different genotypes that I tried to make a mother for this purpose; When cultivating them with this technique, none of them at all well, cultivating from seed was shown with unified and productive queues and when culturing it by means of the SOG, a stretched phenotype was shown with very long internodes and production I would say that ridiculousIn general, with the SOG technique that I practice, he has behaved very badly and reacted in a very strange way, I had not seen him in my life.

Tasting and Opinions of California Hash Plant Dinafem, AutoCultivo

In the resin production the truth is that spreads quite well, but his hashish we return to the same, it is very soft, the high is low, and little creative, very tasty.

Tasting of the California Hash Plant Dinafem

Now I am going to talk a little about an opinion of the tasting by means of combustion, that is, smoking in a joint rolled from this plate. It’s strange some phenotypes did taste and smelled like hashish, first quality. Although it is true that in the crop it does not smell anything, it is a very discreet plant, so discreet it is also in its flavor in its very mild high and that personally nothing reaches me, nor does it contribute almost anything, of course that is not creative at all, relaxing to a certain point and with a practically little or no psychoactivity.

It is a bitch to grow a plant thinking that it will taste like hashish and after a thousand cares it will be a real fiasco. Right now I have some Prozac mothers from medical seeds, what friends, that does taste like hash and good, it smells Kifi that pulls back, earthy Kush flavor with a touch of Lavender. If you don’t want to be hanging around and looking at what it is, to know which one I do not recommend this one, Prozack, it is 60 days of flowering but it is a great productive of buds, corky and hard.

The Grinder after passing about 10 grams ground through it, is completely stained with black resin that we can easily remove with a metal scraper, but when I say stained; it is somewhat exaggerated. You can read an interesting article about how to clean a grinder.

Tasting and Opinions of California Hash Plant Dinafem, AutoCultivo
California Hash Plant with 45 days of flowering Dinafem

More information about California Hash Plant Dinafem

The California Hash Plant was created with the intention of forging a plurality of robust nature capable of allowing cold and humidity. This plurality is the result of crossing a Hash Plant with a Northern Lights, resulting in an indica dominant plurality with 90 percent indica genes and only 10 percent sativa genes. For this reason it is a question of a plurality whose effects are essentially anatomical. It resists the cold up to a certain point, at 17 degrees Celsius many phenotypes turn purple leaves.

The California Hash Plant It is a great plurality for when you do not want to get too much, but you do want to enjoy a mild high in order to be able to continue with your activities every day without running the risk of feeling sleepy and exhausted.

With a moderate THC content what is around the ten percent , California Hash Plant is ideal for a quiet night at home or to consume at parties and avoid being too withdrawn, as other stronger varieties could do. As I said above in my opinions, it is very mild, not suitable for smokers who need high doses of THC

The California Hash Plant also has a moderate CBD content, which transforms it into a soft genetics for users with therapeutic purposes. This plurality can be interesting to make semi-medicinal oils, kif, edibles and other extracts such as tinctures. The high generated by this marijuana is primarily relaxing and calming.

California Hash Plant gives off interesting and attractive aromas and flavors, offering a very sensual pleasure. Its scents are sweet and spicy, and it produces a flavor with sour, sweet and lemon undertones. Very discreet in interior odor, anti-odor filters are not necessary.

Frequently outdoors it doubles its yields compared to plants of exactly the same variety grown indoors. In the open air, the California Hash Plant can reach heights of up to 2.5 mt, and is capable of generating yields that exceed 1kg per plant. Its flowering period is 45 to 50 days, and it is ready for harvest in late September or early October. And as I told you in SCROG it behaves much better than with SOG. That is to say, it is a rather outdoor plant and to be cultivated with pruning, where we can see the real performance.

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