How to choose the best pruning shears?

Pruning in marijuana plants It is a process that we highly recommend, since it allows optimizing production and controlling plant growth. Also, it makes it possible to equalize the height of the crops, so that the plants do not exceed a certain height forcing it to produce arms, and those are just some of the benefits.

Now, to proceed with the pruning, scissors, an essential element for the maintenance and care of your plants, they must have certain characteristics and you must have some other tools that we mention below:

  • The scissors will have to be well sharpened, be strong and precise in the action, since this will facilitate a clean cut, whether it is a thin branch or the thickest branch when it is time to harvest.
  • In addition, you will need a scalpel or a cutting blade, for this you must always use tools that are well sharpened and disinfected with a little alcohol.
  • And finally, you will have to have a manicuring scissors at home, smaller and more manageable that allows you to easily manicure the buds.

Keep in mind that plants can suffer infections if they are injured, so it is advisable that all the tools you use are in perfect condition, clean and well sharpened.

Types of pruning shears

Pruning tools come in a wide variety of styles and prices. It is important that you choose the correct scissors for the work you want to do in your crops:

Bypass scissors

These are the most popular scissors that you can use to make a clean cut of two curved blades moving in tandem. These scissors have the advantage that they allow much cleaner cuts, they are easier to use and, an important fact is that the replacement of some of their parts can be obtained without problems. The KAMIKAZE T-900 SCISSORS are an ideal model for a wide variety of pruning tasks.

The anvil scissors

These have a straight blade that makes the cut when closed on a flat edge or anvil. They are bulkier than bypass pruning shears, making it difficult to enter tight spaces. An example of this type is the KAMIKAZE KM-17 SCISSORS

What is the best brand of pruning shears?

There are many varieties of designs and brands of scissors for pruning marijuana plants. We mention some:

bud clean pruning shears

Bud Clean scissors: this type of scissors are special for light pruning, cutting or manicuring.

The Bud Clean straight tip scissors are perfect for light pruning work, cutting cuttings, and manicuring leaves. These are perfect for stems no more than 0.5 cm wide, since due to their cutting characteristics when pruning thicker branches, they could suffer some kind of deformation.

minigrip scissors

Minigrip scissors: They are small scissors without a spring, very comfortable for pruning and manicuring your marijuana buds reaching the smallest leaves, since they have a finer tip, they are ideal for cutting small leaves close to the bud.

leef kleen pro scissors

Leef Kleen Pro Scissors: they are the most versatile scissors. They are very resistant so they can be used for cutting thick stems, and at the same time they are perfect for manicuring or pruning young plants quickly and with precision.

They are the most comfortable for long manicuring sessions and always with a clean cut.

hydrofarm pruning shears

Hydrofarm scissors: they are dual density, reinforced and specific scissors. There are several options for superior precision curved and straight blades.

They have non-slip handles and are designed to make clean and effective cuts to the roots and stems of plants.

Kamikaze scissors: Its design and manufacture is very specific. They stand out for being light and resistant, useful for intense work, since they meet the requirements to perform bypass or anvil cuts.

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