Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10: How are they different?

Any beginning grower has ever had this question. The large number of products that exist on the market for the treatment of your cannabis plants is overwhelming, so you may not know what use each one has. In this article we explain the differences between Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10 and what is each one of them for.

You can choose to ask other more experienced growers about the differences between these three products of the brand Cannabiogen. You can also check with your Grow Shop of trust so that they try to solve these doubts or go directly to the internet in search of the much-desired information. We understand that if you have come across this article it is because you have dedicated yourself to looking for information through the internet. Well, since MatillaPlant we want to give you all the information you need on this matter.

The differences between these fertilizers is that Delta 9 is a flowering stimulator, while Delta 8 and Delta 10 are growth and flowering fertilizers respectively. These are 3 high-quality products that you can combine without any major problem.

Delta 9

What is Delta 9?

Delta 9 is a flowering stimulant that offers more than surprising results. Its fame is not in vain, and it is one of the most used fertilizers by both expert growers and beginners.

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It is necessary to say that it is not a 100% fertilizer natural, rather, it is an organic-mineral compound that has the European fertilizer certificate.

If you are looking for your plants to grow within a 100% organic cultivation ecosystem, Delta 9 may not be the most suitable fertilizer with which to feed your plants, although, without a doubt, it is one of the most used fertilizers to give your plants all the nutrients they need and watch them grow at their best.

What is Delta 9 for?

The Delta 9 is responsible for activating the metabolism of your plants and providing the nutrients that your plants need during their flowering phase.

The incorporation of this fertilizer during the flowering stage of your plants will ensure that your plants are supplied with a good supply of carbohydrates (natural sugars) that will allow them to cover their future buds with a thick white layer of resin made up of thousands of trichomes. not only in most of its small leaves, but also in large leaves, which is very interesting if you want to make extractions in the future.

What results does Delta 9 of Cannabiogen?

Shortly after applying Delta 9 you will notice how your plants begin to produce a good amount of buds with a size of up to 30% larger and with 25% more resin.

Delta 9 Dosage and Instructions for Use

  • 1st Application: Spray plants with Delta 9 10 days before the start of flowering above and below the leaves by wetting them well. In indoor crops it is easier to know when to apply the first dose, about 3 days before changing the Photoperiod. Outdoors and autoflowering, around the time she starts to stretch after she starts showing her gender.
  • 2nd Application: Water the plants with 5 ml of Delta 9 for each liter of water 10 days after the first application.
  • 3rd Application: Re-water the plants with the Delta Nine mixture in the water, and this is the last time it should be applied indoors and on autoflowering plants. Outdoors, it can be used one more time 10 days later.

The hydroponic application It is different, since with this cultivation system it is easier to attract fungi when we spray the plant.

  • 1st Dose: It is applied in the water mixture just when we change the photoperiod. EC 0.3 it is enough for the plants to start blooming immediately full of resin.
  • 2nd Dose: Delta 9 should be applied when the water in the tank is changed, 13 or 15 days later where we will begin to see its effects.
  • 3rd Dose: Apply Delta 9 after adding your fertilizers and leaving 0.2 EC reserved for Delta Nine. More or less it will be the third week of flowering and we will see how the resin crystallizes the leaves little by little.

Composition Delta 9

Free Amino Acids2.2%
Boron27.5 ppm
Cobalt8 ppm
Copper126 ppm
Manganese70 ppm
Molybdenum1.2 ppm
Zinc115 ppm
Iron0.7 ppm

(ppm = parts per million)

Amino acids

Aspartic acid0.049%
Glutamic acid0.082%
To the girl0.026%
Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B6
B12 vitamin
Vitamin K3
Enzyme bio-activators

Delta 8

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a 100% organic growth fertilizer for the growth phase of plants in which it will be possible to give a natural supply of nitrogen, vitamins, enzymes and various microelements that improve absorption.

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Like Delta 9, Delta 8 acts as an activator of the natural mechanisms of plants, provides the fundamental elements that your plant needs to grow optimally and facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

What is Delta 8 for?

Cannabiogen Delta 8 is responsible for providing an amount of macro and micronutrients that your plants need to grow healthy and strong.

Offer your plants adequate growth and strengthens the roots, preparing them so that in the flowering phase it is strong, healthy and with a green color that indicates very good health.

Composition of Delta 8

Total Nitrogen9.5%
Organic nitrogen3.9%
Nitric Nitrogen1.1%
Ammonia Nitrogen4.5%
Amino acids8%

Dosage and instructions for use

  • Mix 3 to 6 ml of Delta 8 for every liter of water and spray or water the plants.
  • To Spray use the minimum dose.
  • In irrigation water, use a low concentration when they are small seedlings and cuttings, and increase the dose as the crop progresses until reaching the maximum.
  • It is usually used in irrigation water, in irrigation yes, irrigation no.
  • Sprayed do not use more than 2 times a week.
  • In Hydro it is preferably used in the maximum doses.

Benefits of using Delta 8 for your plants

  • An ideal NPK ratio for the marijuana flowering process.
  • Amino purines.
  • Low molecular weight polymer complexes.
  • Bio-activators of translocation.
  • Catalytic enzymes.
  • Carboxylic acids.
  • Humic and fulvic acids.

Delta 10

What is Delta 10?

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Delta Ten is a 100% organic flowering fertilizer that helps your plants to achieve a magnificent production of buds with a high density and a great production of resin. It provides an important amount of two fundamental nutrients for your plants, such as phosphorus and potassium, which allows us not to have to use other products in the flowering phase.

This fertilizer is responsible for activating the metabolism of the plant to ensure that the vitamins and enzymes of the plant flow more easily within it.

Delta 10 can be combined with Delta 9 to further improve bud production, giving it a greater weight, a greater amount of resin and a larger size.

When to use Delta 10?

We should start using Delta 10 the moment the plants begin to flower. In this way, we will Delta 8 aside (growth phase) and we will start using Delta 10 for the flowering period.

Dosage and instructions for use

  • Mix of 4 to 6 ml of product per liter of water and use in foliar or root application. Non-calcareous or osmosis water is preferred.
  • Foliar way: use in low doses and do not exceed 2 applications per week. It is more commonly used in irrigation water, easier to apply under indoor grow lights. Use low doses at the beginning of flowering and higher when we get closer to fattening.
  • On land: Use in irrigation yes, irrigation no, in conjunction with Delta 9.
  • In hydroponic crops: it is advisable to use at maximum doses.


Total Nitrogentwo%
Organic nitrogen1.1%
Nitric Nitrogen0.21%
Ammonia Nitrogen0.69%
Amino acids3%
Boron273.2 ppm
Cobalt351.9 ppm
Copper351.2 ppm
Manganese321.7 ppm
Molybdenum293.5 ppm
Zinc342.6 ppm
Iron244.8 ppm

(ppm = parts per million)

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