Hesi table of cultivation 【Land, Coco and Hydro】

What’s new growers? From our grow we want to detail the growing table Hesi. There are three different tables within this brand:

  • Land or soil
  • Coconut
  • Hydro

Hesi table (Earth, coco and hydro)

We continue with the reviews of important fertilizer brands so that you know a little more about them. This time it is the turn of the famous Hesi fertilizer brand, a family business created by a couple of Dutch engineers who love our beloved holy plant.

At the end of the article we will talk in more detail about the products and what functions they perform in the plants.


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Hesi Earth / Soil Table

To explain the Hesi soil table in more detail, we are going to detail step by step all the phases of the plant and the products to be used. Thanks to the hesi floor board we can give the necessary nutrition to our plants.

table hesi land

Products hesi land

Germination or cuttings:

Germination comprises the first week of cultivation. During this period we cannot use growth nutrients, however we will use root system stimulators.

TNT complex: In this phase we will use the lowest dose, 2.5 ml / l of irrigation water. We will use it throughout the germination and vegetative period.

Root Complex: We use it at the rate of 5ml for each liter of water. It is used from germination until the first week of flowering (included).

Surplus: It is used throughout the plant cycle from germination to harvest. Its dose is very low, we only need one drop for every 4.5 liters of water.

Powrzyme: It is used 1 to 2 times a week together with the other fertilizers. It begins to apply from germination to harvest. It is necessary to apply an amount of 2ml / l of irrigation water.


During the growth phase in soil we continue to apply the same doses and products as in germination. It is only necessary to increase the dose of the TNT complex:

TNT complex: We increase the dose to 5ml / l of water during the vegetative phase.


Flowering ranges from when the photoperiod is changed until the roots are washed. From that moment on we will only water with water.
Flowering complex: We start using it at the beginning of flowering at a rate of 5ml for each liter of water. It will continue to be used every week until the roots are washed.

Phosphorus Plus: The first dose is applied in the 4th week of flowering at a rate of 2.5 ml / l of irrigation water. We will stop using it two weeks before harvest.

Root complex: We will only use it the first week of flowering with an amount of 5ml per liter.

Surplus: We use it once a week applying one drop for every 4.5 liters of water.

Powerzyme: We apply it 1 or 2 times a week to an amount of 2ml / l of irrigation water.

Hesi Boost: The first dose is applied in the first week of flowering at 2ml / l of water. The second dose begins the 4th week of flowering at a rate of 2m / l. We will continue with the same dose every week until harvest.

Hesi Coco Deck

Now is the time for the table hesi cocoIt varies a bit from the land, however, they are very similar between them. We leave you all the information explained step by step.

Table hesi coco

hesi coco products


TNT complex: During the 1st week of cultivation (germination), we will add 2.5ml for each liter of water.

Root complex: We will pour a dose of 5ml per liter of water once a week.

Surplus: You only need one drop for every 4.5 liters of irrigation water.

Powerzyme: We will make one to two weekly applications at a rate of 2ml / l.


During the growth phase we will continue applying the same products and doses, however the dose of the TNT complex varies.

TNT complex: In the vegetative phase we will add an amount of 5ml for each liter of water.


Hesi coco: It is applied from the beginning of flowering until the roots are washed. We will apply a dose of 5ml / l during the entire flowering phase.

PK 13/14: It begins to be used in the 4th week of flowering. We will start by applying a dose of 0.25 ml / l, gradually increasing week by week to 1.5 ml / l.

  • 4th week: 0.25ml / l
  • 5th week: 0.5ml / l
  • 6th week: 0.75ml / l
  • 7th week: 1.5ml / l

Root complex: We will apply it the first week of flowering after changing the photoperiod at a rate of 5ml / l.

Surplus: We will continue to add one drop for every 4.5 liters of irrigation water.

Powerzyme: We apply it once or twice a week until the roots are washed. We pour a dose of 2ml for each liter.

Hesi Boost: The first application is made the first week of flowering at 2ml of product per liter of water. The second application is in the 4th week of flowering at 2ml / l and we will continue with the same dose week by week until the end of the crop.

Hesi table products

Hesi is a brand that is characterized by its simplicity and efficiency, so that in its catalog we will find specific products for each phase without extreme complications as other firms do. Here you have what in my opinion are the fertilizers that stand out the most of this brand compared to others.

TNT complex

The TNT complex it’s a base fertilizer Of composition mineral that has been elaborated to nourish our plants during the vegetative growth stage. Getting them to reach a sufficient size to achieve an abundant harvest.

tnt complex

The truth is that after having tried it we can say that works like a charm And if you especially like pruning like for the SCROG. With the help of this fertilizer you will get everything to flow much more quickly and efficiently.


Surplus it is probably the most outstanding product of the brand in the sense that it is very difficult to find a company on the market that makes such a broth. It’s about a product based on vitamins and amino acidsTo be more specific, it contains 15 and 10 respectively.surplus

Plants are naturally responsible for generating these substances. The point is that by giving it to them with this product we ensure that they do not waste an iota of Energy in generating them. Invest it all in growth or flowering, depending on the phase you are in.

Hesi boost

Here we have another of the jewels of this brand. Hesi Boost a flowering stimulator, enhancer and accelerator that will delight your little plants. Getting them to give their best bringing out a scent and look that will blow your mind.

hesi boost

Contains a light and well-adjusted macronutrient load, as well as the precise amount of essential micronutrients to achieve a flowering at full performance and without limitations. It also includes vegetable sugars that favor the hardening of the flowers and the trichome production.

Power zyme

Power zyme it’s a enzyme-based super compound which will result from a vital importance for your crops if you are growing with the fertilizers of this brand since they are mostly of mineral composition.Power zyme

Using this product between 1 and 2 times a week we will be able to avoid the accumulation of salts in the substrate. Better to be safe because it can be lethal for the roots and therefore for the plant. Dramatically reducing the quality of the harvest or even spoiling it.

This enzyme extract takes care of dto compose the cellulose remains as well as the dead roots. Transforming them into glucose assimilable by the flat and favoring the oxygenation of the root zone.

Hesi table in full

For this case, the Dutch brand offers us three nutrient lines so that we can choose based on the medium with which we work / cultivate (soil, coconut or hydroponic).

Depending on which one we are using, we will choose one line of fertilizers or another. Consequently we will do the same with the cultivation tables offered by the brand since we can find a different one for soil, for coconut and for hydro, all of them very simple and intuitive.

hesi hydro table

hesi hydro products

So far today’s article people, if you have any questions when buying or working with your crop, do not hesitate to contact us, as you already know we will be happy to answer your questions.

Greetings and good smoke peña!

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