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Legal issues, high electricity consumption or possible problems with neighbors are some of the aspects that ruin the illusion of having a marijuana crop indoor. If you are one of those regular cannabis users who still think twice about the possibility of growing marijuana at home, in this post we clear up all your doubts. Growing marijuana at home is totally feasible and at Yervagüena we explain how.

Can I have marijuana plants at home?

It is the first question that all cannabis users who want to make the leap towards private cultivation ask themselves. Of course, it is very important to know what you are up against when you decide to grow your marijuana crop at home and what are the conditions that you must meet so that your hobby is not considered a criminal activity.

Precisely for this reason, in Yervagüena we have already spoken previously about the legal issues that affect the cultivation of marijuana in Spain, and in short these are the most relevant points:

  • The cultivation of cannabis for commercialization is an illegal practice contemplated in the Penal Code.
  • Having your small marijuana crop at home for self-consumption is not classified as a crime in Spanish law.
  • No authority can fine you for buying marijuana seeds or the materials necessary for its cultivation.
  • There is no specific number of plants that establishes the limit between self-cultivation and cultivation destined for commercialization. Don’t take unnecessary risks, don’t be ambitious and use ‘common sense’.

Apart from this, you should not lose sight of other issues that can serve as aggravating or mitigating your activity such as grower such as keeping very accurate records of your harvests, using excessively professional cultivation tools or completely transforming your home to dedicate yourself fully to these plants.

Consume your own marijuana plants at home

Do not give it more turns to the head. In the eyes of the law, having a few marijuana plants at home aimed at self-consumption will not lead to any legal problems. Of course, you have to prepare everything very well to do it safely and without generating conflicts with your neighbors.

What does this imply? That you must condition your growing space so that everything is under control, from what you have at home to what could be generated in your environment. Fortunately, there are currently countless methods to have a marijuana crop indoor efficient, productive and discreet.

Consuming the marijuana that you grow yourself will allow you to take your hobby to a higher level and, of course, will make you enjoy the final product more. Savor every moment of this experience of watching your cannabis plants grow and take advantage of all the advantages of a totally personal herb.

marijuana cultivation items

Basic material for a crop indoor discreet

Based on the fact that each indoor growing space has its peculiarities, when you propose to have marijuana plants at home there are some tools that are absolutely necessary to enjoy this hobby:

  1. A good grow tent: Sometimes it is a question of size, but the truth is that having a grow tent at home solves much more than space problems. You will save on energy, you will pay for all the materials used faster and you will contain odors and lights that could be annoying.
  2. The right lighting: Reproducing the warm and bright conditions of natural sunlight in your home is now easier than ever. If you don’t want to put your salary on your electricity bill, don’t set the bar too high. With one or two 600w spotlights you will have more than enough to bring light to your plants. The monthly expense will increase, but it does not have to exceed € 60. That, in exchange for half a kilo of marijuana every three months, is a price that can be assumed.
  3. Filters and ventilation systems: the question of smells cannot be overlooked. Even if you meet all the requirements to grow your marijuana plants at home in a completely legal way, if this interferes in any way with the life of your building, it can lead to problems. And what is the number one complaint of the neighbors? The intense smells of your plants. Some cannabis strains are especially aromatic, and while this is a plus for you, it may not be a characteristic of your neighbors’ taste. By applying this type of filter to your crops, you can control odors so that no one suspects your hobby.

Recommendations for growing cannabis at home

A small home cultivation and the personal consumption of your marijuana plants will never bring you problems with the law. But if despite everything we have discussed you still have some qualms about it, here are other useful tips with which you will always have your back covered:

  1. Pay your electricity bill without cheating. There are some growers who are tempted to manipulate meters or electrical connections in their building to be able to consume more light at home without their bill skyrocketing. A 600w bulb is not an extraordinary expense either and will allow you to grow all the amount of marijuana you need for your personal consumption.
  2. Be discret. It is not that you are doing anything wrong, but you do not want everyone to be aware of what you like to do at home and with your free time. In addition, this could lead to some or other asking you to sell part of your harvest, something that under no circumstances should you do because it is a crime.
  3. Scales and storage bags are materials commonly used by drug traffickers. Its use does not have to be at odds with this type of practice. But if you want to save yourself confusion and problems, it is better that you avoid them.

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