Marijuana Milk | Recipe to prepare it in a few steps

Cannabis milk is a staple ingredient in many of the most popular desserts and drinks in marijuana gastronomy. A great alternative to give your dishes a special touch or simply to benefit from all the positive aspects of marijuana use without the need to smoke or inhale it. There are numerous formulas for its preparation, but as always, at Yervagüena we bring you the easiest to make and the most effective.

Advantages of consuming marijuana milk

Cannabis cuisine not only occupies an interesting place among the most varied gastronomy proposals from a recreational perspective. Of course, taking it is a real pleasure for the palate and the senses, but its consumption is also a proposal for a healthy life.

Not everyone can, wants or should consume marijuana by smoking it or inhaling it in vapor form. However, there is a very wide field of people who do not consume this plant regularly and who, nevertheless, are willing to take advantage of its benefits in the field of health.

The effects of ingested cannabis are much more intense and long-lasting, both psychically and mentally, than when consumed otherwise. Of course, they can appear somewhat later than normal, so it is necessary to take it with patience and caution. Marijuana milk in particular begins to show its effects after half an hour and it is better to drink a limited amount until you see what happens and continue drinking once you know how your body reacts to its intake.
Among the main advantages of this product are:

  • It contains the 10 essential amino acids that the human body needs.
  • It is an important source of phosphorus, magnesium, iron, folic acid, and zinc.
  • It does not have psychotropic effects nor does it cause vertigo or drunkenness. Instead, it preserves all the therapeutic value of CBD intact: it stimulates the appetite, is a muscle relaxant, relieves pain, works as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and activates the neuroprotective cells of the brain.

The steps to make marijuana milk at home

This tasty drink can be taken both hot and cold, as well as used in the preparation of other cocktails and meals from the repertoire of cannabis dishes. Its preparation will take little time and you can leave it in the fridge for a few days.


  • Whole milk (1 liter for 4 servings).
  • Between 2 and 4 g of crushed marijuana.
  • Three tablespoons of condensed milk (optional).

Preparation mode

  1. Pour the milk into a saucepan and bring it to a boil. It is important that it is whole milk, as cannabinoids need a fat base to adhere to. In fact, you can improve this base by adding three tablespoons of condensed milk to the milk. Of course, the result will be sweeter and more caloric.
  2. When the milk is boiling, put the marijuana to cook over medium heat while you stir it. This process should take at least an hour for the cannabinoid extraction to complete.
  3. After an aromatic and bubbly hour, your marijuana will have gotten the best of it. It is time for you to turn off the heat and let it cool down.
  4. To make it ready for consumption, you will have to filter the liquid with a strainer, remove the vegetable residues and put the milk in an airtight container that you can keep in the fridge.

You have everything ready to have a refreshing fruit smoothie or to have a glass of warm milk before going to bed.

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