Fastest Flowering Marijuana Seeds in the World

In a strict sense they are not feminized seeds, nor regular nor autoflowering. The F1 Fast Version Sweet Seeds are an alternative proposal for growers impatient who combine the best of these genetics with the aim that they can enjoy a much faster flowering and maturation of the buds.

Characteristics of these ultra-fast seeds from Sweet Seeds

Do you think it is possible to harvest as little as 6 weeks after the change from natural photoperiod to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness? Would you believe us if we told you that the harvest of a marijuana crop abroad can be brought forward up to 2 weeks?

Do not be so suspicious because it is true, there is no deception here! Sweet Seeds F1 Fast Version deliver exactly what they promise: they step on the accelerator and advance the flowering so that your marijuana buds mature in record time. How is this achieved?

It must be made clear that, contrary to what might be expected, these very particular genetics from the Dutch seed bank are not autoflowering varieties. They are actually the result of a cross between a photodependent genetics, that is, a lifelong plant that develops based on cycles or photoperiods that are related to light (hence its name) with an autoflowering genetics that, for If you have already forgotten, they were those types of varieties treated so that their development did not depend on these photoperiods, being able to grow in regions much colder than those in which a marijuana plant is usually prepared for survival.

What happens when a photodependent genetics is crossed with an autoflowering one? This was the great discovery that Sweet Seeds made a few years ago with their Fast Version hybrids. What the seed bank obtained with this cross was a new generation of marijuana that, being photodependent, he had inherited characteristics of autoflowering, among them the most important of all: the capacity of a premature flowering, between 1 and 2 weeks before the varieties normal, preserving all its flavor and offering two possibilities that autoflowering plants do not give, such as obtaining cuttings and keeping a stem with which to guarantee future harvests that are equally fast. What are you already wanting to do the test?

Where is it advisable to plant the Fast Version of Sweet Seeds?

sweet seeds f1 fast version

The varieties that this type of seed has developed over the years have not only been intended for cannabis growers who want to enjoy a quick harvest. We have already commented on many occasions that having patience and giving marijuana plants the care they deserve with the time that corresponds to them translates into an abundant and high quality product.

The fact is that due to climate, space or other conditions, the necessary characteristics are not always present to be able to install a cannabis crop in the ideal environment that our plants deserve to grow healthy. In those cases, the Fast Version of Sweet Seeds are presented as a perfect alternative for those growers who, despite the circumstances, do not want to give up the pleasure of growing their own marijuana.

Due to their accelerated flowering and maturation, the F1 Fast Version are an option ideal for planting in humid areas in which the attack of fungi is presented as a constant threat. Being able to have the buds formed much earlier will avoid the formation of the dreaded gray mold (botrytis) and the realization of an early harvest and with all the quality guarantees of our marijuana.

If in outdoor crops the fact of being able to keep vermin and mold at bay is the main advantage, indoors the most remarkable thing is the consumption of light. Compared to the usual varieties, with the Fast Version the cost of electricity will be reduced as the cycles of the plant develop more quickly.

Most popular varieties of F1 Fast Version from Sweet Seeds

Since Sweet Seeds hit the ball with this new generation of ultra-fast flowering genetics in the 2013 season, the F1 Fast Version family has increased in variety with new hybrids, some of which are fast-flowering versions. of the classics of the catalog of photodependent seeds of the Dutch brand.

Among the names that have gained popularity and prestige in recent years, we suggest you try some of the following varieties. Either because of their flavor or because of the peculiarities of their harvest, they are the kind of marijuana plants that do not disappoint any cannabis grower.

  1. Sweet Skunk F1 Fast Version: It is a very easy to grow plant, perfect for first timers. In just 6 or 7 weeks of flowering, you will be able to harvest some very resinous buds and prepare to smoke a sweet, spicy marijuana with indica-dominant effects.
  2. Jack 47 F1 Fast Version: With respect to the traditional Jack 47, with this variety the harvest of crops outdoors can be advanced even a month. If you add to that that it is a very resinous, very productive and very powerful marijuana, this is a practically perfect plant.
  3. Black Jack F1 Fast Version: And speaking of productivity, we could not ignore in this list the Black Jack, probably one of the most grateful plants of Sensi Seeds. The waiting time for harvest is a little longer than the Jack 47 (between 7 and 8 weeks) but it is justified with a few bunches of buds that will surprise you.
  4. Big Devil F1 Fast Version: The sativa dominance of this plant makes the effects of smoking it markedly cerebral. It is a type of marijuana that you will enjoy if you like sweet flavors and incense touches. As for the cultivation, you will find a robust and resistant plant whose buds develop very compactly around a strong main stem.
  5. Cream Caramel F1 Fast Version: the touch blue It is very present in this ultra-fast marijuana strain in which indica genetics take center stage. If you want to relax at the end of a long day, you can trust its flavor and its sweet and caramel smoke.

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