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It is possible that on some occasion you have found that your marijuana plant begins to present suspiciously yellowish leaves, as if burned. It is something that happens much more frequently in indoor crops and that is why growers less experts tend to attribute the appearance of these burns to poor placement or use of the bulbs.

But be careful, because the bulbs are not always responsible for your plants showing these symptoms, and although the leaves have that yellowish appearance and we refer to them as burned, the origin of the problem may be in other types of excesses or deficiencies of the crop. In this post we will teach you to identify them so that you can establish an accurate diagnosis of what happens to your marijuana plant and you can act accordingly.

Sheets burned: symptom that something is wrong

Plants do not cough, sneeze, or have a fever. But somehow they have to tell you that something is not working as it should. His way of doing it is through the leaves. A good cannabiculturist is above all a detailed observer of his crops who knows how to identify any type of anomaly in the surface of the leaves of his marijuana plants and make a decision about it to correct the situation.

What do burns on marijuana leaves mean? They want to say many things, but the main one is that something is not going well. It’s as if a little red blinking light is suddenly lit up to grab your attention. From now on a work very similar to that of doctors begins when they examine the patient. Analyze the symptoms carefully and it will not be difficult to find the cause why your marijuana plant has suddenly become pachucha.

Your marijuana plants have a message to convey to you

marijuana leaf messageTo diagnose the disease of a cannabis plant with burned leaves, the main thing is that you dedicate time to observation and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What color are the spots?
  • Which shape has?
  • Where on the sheet are they located?
  • Do they modify the structure of the leaf?
  • Is there necrosis?
  • Do they increase in size and / or extension?
  • Do they affect only the old leaves or also the younger ones?

Based on these questions you can already establish a kind of clinical picture of your plant that will be very useful when cataloging its symptoms in one of the problems that we show you below and that are usually the most common, although they are not exclusive of other types of issues such as magnesium deficiencies, phosphorus , potassium … and other minerals that well deserve a separate chapter.

It can also be due to small gaffes such as spraying antifungal or insecticide products on your plants and immediately leaving them exposed to a light source or turning the fans to full stop preventing them from hydrating as quickly as you are. dehydrating the environment. For more serious problems, take a look at the next section.

A problem, a solution

In this section you will find a list with the three most frequent problems that cause this aspect Burned in the leaves of your marijuana plants and some guidelines so that you can remedy it as soon as possible and your harvest continues with panache and health.

1. Problems with the height of the focus

lighting to grow marijuana

Symptoms: in this case it is true, the leaves have really burned and the buds will also end up drying out. The areas that suffer the most are the tips of the plants, which yellow until they are completely dry and remain, as grandmothers would say, chuchurrías. They wither and end up falling.

Causes: You have not made good use of the temperature measurement instruments and consequently you have placed very powerful spotlights and reflectors too close to your plants. All this causes the plant to suffer from heat stress.

Solution: Never place the bulbs by eye, or following overly standardized advice, much less a hunch. What a good thermohygrometer tells you is the most reliable of all when determining the distance between the light source and your plants, regardless of everything else. On the other hand, improving air circulation can help the plant release that stress.

2. Excess irrigation

watering marijuana plants

Symptoms: That the soil of your crops is always soaked is a bad matter … It will not take long to see how the issue turns into leaves that turn yellow and curl down, giving the plant a musty appearance. What happened? The leaves are said to have Burned because you have gone over with the irrigation.

Causes: too much water, it’s that simple. Irrigation is an aspect to which you have to get the point little by little and sin of gluttony is something very common among novice growers. The effect that is achieved is totally opposite to the desired one: the roots rot and the plants stop absorbing the nutrients they need. Fortunately, there are remedies for everything.

Solution: Improve the drainage system of your crops and if necessary (and possible) transplant them to a larger pot with clay or clay soil that allows the water to flow out more easily. And of course, watch your watering patterns and give the crop time to baby whatever you put on it or so it has time to distribute and disperse the moisture after watering.

3. Fertilizer overdose

marijuana fertilizers

Symptoms: Leaves with burnt edges and large brown spots that crack? Serious alert: you have gone too far with the use of fertilizers.

Causes: Some growers It is thought that priming the marijuana plant with fertilizers translates into an automatic fattening of its crop, but nothing could be further from the truth. An overdose of fertilizer causes the growth of the plant to stagnate and, in many cases, the seriousness of the situation due to the inability to assimilate nutrients is such that we can cause death.

Solution: Imagine that you have had food poisoning and you have to do a stomach cleanse. The same thing happens with your marijuana plants. If you have clearly identified the leaf burns typical of a fertilizer overdose, you have no choice but to to wash the substrate of your plants. To do this, pour a large amount of water into the pot and make sure it drains. Repeat the process at least three times to make sure that the substrate is washed well and use one of the substrate cleaning products that exist on the market if you want to make sure that this process does not affect the microorganisms that are beneficial for your plant. .

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