Ending the Stigma – Why Medical and Recreational Users Need to Get Along



There is a new marijuana movement that has become the darling of new users. But the presence of this new movement doesn’t mean the old order is gone, which causes conflict between these two industries. 

Cannabis is gaining recognition and becoming more acceptable as research reveals its benefits and highlights the importance of the negative stigma through the years. 

This time the spotlight is on the consumers and their choice of consuming and using cannabis. Some are microdosers (take cannabis in smaller doses mostly for medical purposes), and others are macrodosers (take cannabis in more significant amounts). What is the conflict between both groups, and why should they get along? Read on for answers. 


Who are microdosers? 

Microdosers are cannabis users who take things slowly and enjoy smaller amounts of cannabis at a time. This approach appeals more to medical marijuana patients who get to buy cannabis to treat specific health issues. 

Some of the health issues include stress, anxiety, severe pain, and chronic headaches. These are cannabis users who want to enjoy the impact of cannabis without feeling overwhelmed by it; they don’t want to be uncomfortably high. 

Microdosing cannabis has become highly popular with cannabis users in the recreational sector as many recreational users enjoy how the plat makes them feel. They also recognize that taking cannabis in larger quantities can be too much, especially since they have no intention of becoming sophisticated. 


Who are macrodosers? 

On the other hand, macrodoers take a much higher amount of cannabis for recreational and medical purposes (with a prescription). Unlike the microdosers, you start to enjoy your cannabis in the way you want and with the amount of doses you like. 

Macrodosers are the old cannabis users who may be seen as lacking constraints with cannabis. But these are older users who also can control themselves when they are in such a high state. 

It is a commonplace for the older and new groups to clash over acceptable behavior for use in every industry, which is no different in the cannabis industry. This debate on “Standard” use has led to the rift between microdosers and macrodosers. 


Cannabis: the contention

A plant that has caused a lot of mixed reactions across America has now become the curious one. The overhaul of weed has enabled some progress as hemp-based cannabis receives the thumbs-up from mainstream media. People wonder “why cannabis is termed a harmful drug by the government, but it is fine for us to consume alcohol?’

We know that liquor is worse than cannabis as while liquor is a neurotoxic substance, cannabis is for neuroprotection. There is still a new rift between the “New” cannabis industry and the old marijuana industry representing the microdosers against the macrodosers. 

The older industry often views the sector as being patronizing and anchored by money-grabbing corporate entities. On the other hand, newbies believe the lies about the indolent stoner. 

Both groups (Microdosers and macrodosers) are after similar ideas: they don’t want to be judged. So while we have observed the starting point of the acceptance of cannabis, what else can be done? Both camps need to reconcile, for it is only through reconciliation and community that you can take cannabis to the next level. 


Put a stop to .judgment 

Although I am in the microdoser group, I don’t hold any judgment against macrodosers, and you shouldn’t as well. If we all believe that marijuana is likened to drugs, how can an edible 5mg vary from 50mg? With what dose will the medicinal features of cannabis disappear? Well, never! 

While it is true that not everybody should use 50-1,000mg of THC daily, some individuals require that quantity to feel great, rest, and alleviate their pain. Just as you require 3mg, others may need more to fight off illnesses and diseases. 

The cancer-resistant substances in marijuana are dose-reliant, which means the more significant the dose, the higher its ability to fight cancer or pain. There is also tolerance: using cannabis regularly means you can build a higher resistance level. Therefore after an extended period as a committed cannabis user, it is not shocking to see that someone needs an increased dose to feel high. 

Interestingly, the stigma associated with using cannabis is also unfounded. Edible cannabis is the apex of microdosers, while vaping, smoking, and at the climax of macrodoser. These consumption methods are all marred with some illegality. 

However, this divide between micro and macrodosers is only because of legitimate restrictions that set the dosages at 10mg maximum for edibles, which makes getting higher doses a prudent move that is most problematic and costly. This move also leaves macrodosers restricted to flower, wax ad shatter. 

So while edibles are the healthier ways of consuming cannabis (this protects the lungs), macrodosers have bad choices in the comestible department (financially and legally). 


Changing and making adjustments 

Some high-dose customers like cannabis but complained about the low dosage: they didn’t want to take five mints before they felt anything. Others may complain that it is too high at first; both sides are often at the complainer’s end. 

It is interesting to note that macrodosing offers equal advantages as microdosing. Just as it feels weird getting a suspicious look at a party when you take marijuana over alcohol, you may have to also think again before chastising a high-dose individual. 


Bottom line 

Marijuana can be standardized and federally legalized in the future, all cannabis-related shame and negative tags must be canceled, and the cannabis industry should welcome all its customers. Regardless of the customer’s preference, high or low, they should be respected and accepted because we all have different reasons for taking cannabis. 

Microdosers and macrodosers should get along primarily because the consumption of cannabis is very much personal. If you are a microdoser you may not understand why someone else is a macrodoser. But with mutual respect, acceptance, and a non-judgmental stance, people can be themselves ad enjoy cannabis however they want to. 





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