Common mistakes in the growing phase of cannabis

If your plant is not growing or is growing too slowly, it could be experiencing a series of problems that are preventing it from developing as it should. Therefore, in today’s article we have compiled a series of common mistakes in the growth phase of your cannabis plants.

Cannabis plants have specific needs for their proper growth. If we do not want to have problems with the growth of our plants we must be very careful. For them we must pay special attention attention both to fertilizers As the cannabis pests. Most of the problems that many growers have in the growth phase are due to one of the errors that we will name below.

Common mistakes in growth phase

Errors applying fertilizers

Cannabis cultivation requires fertilization throughout its life cycle. Only in this way will you be able to obtain a quality harvest.


It is essential to have a program to know the amount of fertilizer to apply. In this way we avoid overdoing it, or worse still, not placing the necessary amount of fertilizer that your plants need, which can put their growth at risk.

In the growth phase we must be especially meticulous with the fertilizer. At this stage the plant is very sensitive to fertilizer doses. You can use fertilizers that are added directly to the irrigation water, which will allow you to better manage the doses in each phase.

If your plants seem a little bent and tend to look down It is a clear sign that you are using too much fertilizer. In this case you must wash the substrate in which you grow your plant to make its health improve.

On the other hand, if you are using very little fertilizer, the leaves will start to look yellowish or very pale after a day or two. Many of them older will start to fall.

The solution to prevent this from happening is apply the correct amount of fertilizer solution what do you need. To make them improve faster, you can buy a fertilizer that has a high nitrogen content.

If you are a novice grower, the most common mistake is using the wrong compost. It is important to choose special fertilizers for the growth phase, since they contain just what your plant needs at this stage.

Irrigation problems

For any crop to grow properly it needs to be well hydrated. Of course, in the correct way. The exceed at the time of watering can make the estate plants rot, which will cause its growth to stop and end up causing its death.


If, on the other hand, your plants are dehydrated, their growth will slow down due to stress caused by lack of water. The ideal is water them 2 to 3 times a week.

A quick way to measure the amount of water present in the plant is to hold the pot with your hand (in case they are in a pot) and evaluate its weight, if you notice that it weighs little it is a sign that the substrate is dry.

Control the temperature

Among the most common problems there is also poor temperature regulation. Not controlling it will affect the metabolism of the plants.


Controlling that your plants are at temperature plays a very important role in their development, in addition prevents the appearance of pests that can critically affect the evolution of the buds.

The ideal temperature for this phase is between 24 ° to 25 °. If it is difficult for you to maintain this temperature, the range can be extended to 27 degree.

When the temperature is higher, the plant begins to dehydrate, so it is more exposed to common cannabis pests.

Otherwise, a temperature lower than 20º will affect your metabolism, making it slower and you will not be able to absorb the nutrients with the same efficiency.

Humidity control

If you already thought that controlling the temperature was difficult, it was because you had not read up to this point. Controlling humidity is much more strict and difficult.


You must bear in mind that during the first stage of the growth phase humidity should be kept between 60% and 70% overnight and between 40% and 50% during the day.

If your crop is advanced within its growth phase, we must maintain a maximum humidity of 50% overnight and from 40% during the day.

If you are not sure how to control humidity, you can always buy a humidity controller to help you do it.

Ventilation errors

When we want to ensure the success of our cannabis cultivation we must have good ventilation, since this is the one that will largely control the humidity and temperature levels.


A good ventilation system will prevent the air from stagnating, maintaining the correct temperature.

However, staying aware of the operation of the fans can be a great job. Ideally, to avoid worries is to buy a climate controller and configure it with the parameters you want, so that this device is in charge of detect the information with its sensors of the growing area and activate the extractors, fans or dehumidifiers when necessary.

All this for maintain an appropriate climate for the growth of your plants.

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