Choosing a variety of Medical Marijuana to grow

There is a growing list of medical marijuana strains available to today’s cannabis grower. As there are many very good ones, How does one decide which variety to grow?

With the amount of work that has gone into selectively growing cannabis over the past 25 years, there are loads of potent selections. While the final bud is very important, so is cultivating within your means and possibilities. Like many things in life, it’s about having a healthy balance.

Questions to Ask About Medical Marijuana

First, Do you have a special condition that can only be satisfied with the action of cannabinoids? Naturally, some varieties are better for different conditions than others, but how specific are your variety’s needs?

If grown outdoors or in a greenhouse without climate controlIt is important to know if the chosen variety will be able to withstand cold weather or heavy rains. If you grow indoors, you should know that given enough space and time, it is possible to grow any variety to its full maturity, although it may not always be practical.

When grown indoors or in a climate controlled greenhouseVertical space is usually wide, however where there are low ceilings or where the very flexible sativa varieties grow, this can be limited. As growers gain experience it becomes possible, through practice management, to control growth rates.

If you are limited to a number of plants by your local regulations, it may be favorable to select a variety that has aggressive growth properties and that continues to provide you with the qualities you are looking for or need in the harvested buds.

With the amount of genetics available to medical cannabis growers today, you don’t have to be content with just anything, but try to manage your expectations.

Preferences also multiply when it comes to properties such as taste or aroma. Some consumers like a good bouquet, while others prefer something softer and more floral or fruity. Cannabis has a wide range of flavors and aromas of any type of plant: grape, garlic, mango, sandalwood, lemon, chewing gum, eucalyptus, musk … And a list that goes on.

Something interesting in practices like aromatherapy – you tend to choose the essential oil that the body needs when you simply select by smell, as for example, in a comparison with blindfold.

How strong do you need your medicine to be?

Some people or conditions require a relatively high cannabinoid content, with relative psychoactive resin levels, to test efficacy with periods of prolonged use. Some varieties are known for their ability to resist the development of tolerance by the patient.

Some may prefer a more functional effect of their medicine and choose less psychoactive properties like THC and a higher grade of more physically effective components like CBD.

When planting from regular seed, there may be variations in potency and resin levels from plant to plant, so make a cloning selection to create identical crops in the future.

Considering some questions and doing your research, you have a good chance of finding the variety that is expressly indicated for you, and perhaps, you will even discover that half the fun is growing it to discover it.

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