Avidekel Tikun Olam, marijuana perfected medicinal use

When talking about medicinal use of marijuana always come to the fore the seeds Avidekel, a new variety created specifically to enhance certain medical uses of cannabis and avoid its psychoactive effects as much as possible.

Tikun Olam is Israel’s First Medical Cannabis Supplier, in addition to being the defenders of the use of medicinal Cannabis in Israel. Tikún olam (Hebrew: Tikkun Olam) is a Hebrew phrase that means “to repair the world.” They are the company that created the Avidekel seeds.

In addition, Tikun Olam has also created Rafael seeds, with similar properties: Rafael de Tikun Olam: 18% CBD and 1% THC – Medicinal Cannabis.

This type of medicinal seeds have been created to be able to treat patients without placing:

  • The objective when creating this type of seeds is reduce THC levels (main psychoactive constituent of plants) to a minimum. Instead of a 15% -20% THC level is around 1%.
  • The second goal is to increase the level of CBD (he is not psychoactive and has large medical applications in cases of anxiety, nausea and great anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective effects). Instead of 1% CBD level is around 15%.

In this way, manages to minimize the psychoactive consequences. Therefore this marijuana does not place. For the patient, the consumption of marijuana is completely medicinal without trying to get high. Therefore this ratio of THC and CBD is perfect for them.

The Benefits of the CBD They would improve in this plant and the treatment of diseases such as multiple sclerosis, alleviate the negative effects of chemotherapy or help in the improvement against schizophrenia, among many other applications.

In addition, this variety of marijuana maintains taste and smell very similar to that of any common variety. By maintaining the taste and smell, the regular consumer does not notice any difference when consuming it, only its effects are different.

Over time it seems certain that these seeds will gain strength and improve until they are one of the references in medical use, since with its properties its reception in patients will surely be a great success.

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/prensa420/9379177554/

Tikun Olam’s Avidekel, the marijuana perfected for medicinal use

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PS Unfortunately it is impossible to get Avidekel seeds from Tikun Olam outside of Israel. Although there are seeds with similar properties, but they are never the same as the Avidekel seeds from Tikun Olam.

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