Lighting in indoor cultivation

You have to bear in mind that when we talk about lighting we will always refer to indoor cultivation, since outdoors we will always have sunlight. This is a fact which stops many people from opting for indoor growing. You have to keep in mind that indoors we will always have to provide the light ourselves and that is expensive. However, you have to know a fact: in indoor cultivation you will be able to obtain many more crops per year so in the end it will always be profitable. However, it is true that care will always be greater in an artificial environment than in nature itself, so before you start shopping like crazy, decide on interior or exterior.

If you have already decided to grow indoors, point out that you have taken a big step that also implies a great commitment, since you are going to spend a certain amount of money and you have to take advantage of it. Don’t worry, at Begrower we will always be here to help you. For this reason, we have made a compilation of all the lighting products you need to make your harvest a success.

Why is lighting important?

Two elements are necessary in every crop: water and light.. Water since it is what allows the plant to be hydrated and that it can carry out the chemical reactions that allow its survival and development. Light because it is the only means that we know for plants to carry out photosynthesis correctly. You have to keep in mind that photosynthesis is the fundamental process of the plant and it plays a key role in the existence of life on the planet. Through photosynthesis, plants create oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide.

However, certain precautions must be taken with indoor lighting, especially since we are in charge of regulating the photoperiod and not nature. The photoperiod is the ratio of hours of light and shade that the plant has. The photoperiod, except in automatic plants, will mark the beginning of flowering.

As you see the photoperiod is really important in the life of the plant and therefore it is convenient to know how to regulate it.

What do I need to have adequate lighting?

First, you will need to lamps or spotlights, since somehow your plant must receive light. For this reason you should choose one that is suitable. Keep in mind that despite the fact that in other elements of the instrument we can allow ourselves to save a few euros here, the investment is tremendously necessary, so do not skimp since the quality of your harvest will depend on it.

Second, we must know choose the type of lamps or spotlights that we are going to buy. For example, a fundamental parameter is that of power. The power will be the one that delimits our cultivation area. With a power similar to 250w or less we can only grow very small crops, that is, just half a square meter. It is ideal for floors where there is little space and you do not want to give up growing, but if you have a larger floor it is not a good idea.

Lighting in indoor cultivation 3Already exceeding 400w and reaching 600w we find the most common equipment and the ones that growers use the most., whether they are novices or experts. This type of equipment allows good lighting, but you also have to take into account that burns can occur with it, so it is convenient that you adjust the focus well avoiding small distances from the plant in order to this one does not burn. At this point you should think about buying an extractor so that the temperature is not too high and the plants do not die of thermal shock.

If you want extra light energy you can reach 1000w, however, it should be noted that for this you must be a grower who is capable of handling so much power but above all so much plant, since otherwise you will be wasting your money.

What’s more You must distinguish between two stages, the vegetative growth stage in which the plant should receive more light and the flowering stage in which both the light and the hours of it should be less. If you want to know more about the hours of light that a plant needs depending on the moment of cultivation in which it is, you can see this article about the photoperiod in indoor growing. A good system is to buy bulbs from Agrolite which makes this distinction in its products as it happens with the Agrolite HM growth bulb and the CFL Agrolite low consumption (flowering). Although you can also opt for mixed bulbs.

As you may have seen, the bulbs are not expensive but are a cheap product that allows us to have a guaranteed success rate in growing the plant. It is a fundamental element which does not mean that it is the only one.

Spotlights: the difference between success and failure

Lighting in indoor cultivation 4

There are many types of reflectors among which we find ourselves Cooltube. This type of reflector is characterized by being a tube that is placed around the bulb, through which the air from the extractor passes and allows the temperature not to be so high.

This reflector is very good when it comes to contributing to cooling tasks, however it is the versatility that makes it a good product but not its light reflection properties, which are a bit mediocre. It still does its job well and is cheap, so you can’t ask for much more.

If you want something a little more advanced we recommend the Adjust-a-Wings enforcer which distribute the light very well. The system is simple: you have wings which can open more or less depending on the power of light that we have. They are a great solution for both experts and those just starting out.

The latter is the most professional, there are several types among them, that is, you can choose within the high range if you want something more top or something with a more discreet profile. A high-end example would be the Adjust-a-Wings with spreader. However, whatever you have, the quality of the harvest will always be great since the lighting will be almost perfect.

Lighting in indoor cultivation 5

We can also point out others like the refrigerated Lumatek reflector, is characterized by cooling very well and providing a very good luminosity. We could say that they are the improved version of the cooltube but more expensive of course. Also note the kush, such as the reflector OG Growlite, which has a great quality since it allows all the light emitted by the bulb to be reflected downwards.

As you see There are many types of reflectors on the market and depending on your needs, one type or the other will be better for you.. Remember that smart shopping is one in which we satisfy a real need, not in which we seek to satisfy a need that the store or the advertiser has created for us.

Lighting kits: the best value for money.

Lighting in indoor cultivation 6

As you will always know a kit will be cheaper than buying the products individually, but we know that you are not satisfied with just that, but you also want that extra quality that makes you buy the product with the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a good purchase.

That is why we have compiled the best kits on the market and we wanted them to adapt to what you are looking for, that is, they add more together than separately, that it is not only the price that makes you opt for one or the other.

For this reason, we wanted to make a classification of kits based on power. For example, it is useless to have a 1000w bulb if it did not have a reflector at the height of the power you are supplying. It could be cheaper but in the long run you would be losing what you saved on the electricity bill.

Our experts have tailored these kits to the millimeter so that increasing the profitability of your harvest is not a dream but a reality.

The componentsmake the difference

Lighting in indoor cultivation 7

Within this category we group all those products that are necessary to obtain a good harvest and to have quality buds, that combine both good smells and flavors.

For this reason, we believe that you should know the Legrand analog timer which has a great quality. This timer has many advantages, such as, for example, being able to hold two 600w bulbs. You have several options when configuring it, so you have two options: make a standard configuration or make the one that perfectly suits your plants in order for the profitability to be excellent. This timer is long-lasting and will allow you to regulate the photoperiod of the plants, in such a way that you can decide the exact moment in which the flowering occurs.

Within this category you can find other equally necessary products such as pulleys with SuperGrower brake or the ceramic sleeve for reflector.

For all this, you have to bear in mind that, as we have explained, It is essential to have a good lighting equipment since both the spotlights, the reflectors or the timers are essential when it comes to obtaining a good harvest.

You have to keep in mind that lighting is as important as other growing factors so it should not be neglected. It is crucial that concepts such as photoperiod are not alien to you and that you not only dedicate yourself to buying the necessary instruments but also learn to use them properly. For example, if you put the lights too close the plants will burn, if you do not regulate the photoperiod well the harvest will suffer the consequences.

You can learn all this in our blog in which we talk about everything related to the cultivation of cannabis, an example of this is this indoor growing guide 2019, where you will find all the necessary information to obtain excellent harvests.

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