CBD Cream 101 for Beginners

It’s no secret that CBD has some helpful properties, especially when it comes to relieving inflammation.

So it’s no wonder that CBD skincare is causing quite a stir, especially with CBD creams and lotions.

Since the signing of the Farm Bill of 2018, CBD products have become much more accessible in recent years. And with this growing market, CBD topicals have made a massive debut.

From hydrating lotions to cooling balms, CBD topicals are here to help soothe your skin and provide relief from sore muscles.

And without further ado, this article is here to answer your questions about CBD topics.

What is CBD cream?

CBD topicals are pretty straightforward to understand, because they incorporate CBD into products that many of us use on a daily basis.

CBD topicals are simply any type of cream or gel with the addition of CBD. If a lotion or cream is of high quality, you will prioritize hydration. After all, what’s the point of a CBD lotion if it’s only going to leave your skin dry?

Benefits of CBD lotion

Studies have pointed to the potential for CBD to possess a number of therapeutic benefits, but this is typically when it comes to edibles or sublingual tincture oils. How does this apply to CBD cream and other topical products?

First of all, CBD creams are usually skin hydrating, which means that a burst of hydration awaits you every time you use CBD creams.

And as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, CBD has the potential to relieve skin and muscle irritation such as acne, muscle tension, and itchy skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Although there is very little research on the effectiveness of CBD for eczema, there are some studies that indicate that CBD can help clear up eczema-related rashes, and that CBD can be as effective as antibiotics in preventing staph infections. .

And according to experts, CBD can also help to fade scars on the skin and improve elasticity. This means that CBD creams can also be helpful for stretch marks, acne scars, and burns.

CBD creams can be especially popular for calming sore, tight, and tired muscles. By increasing the amount of cannabinoids in the endocannabinoid system, CBD may be able to help prevent muscle spasms and loosen tissue. And this is further alleviated when CBD pain creams are made with ingredients that have a cooling or warming effect on the skin.

How to use CBD cream?

CBD topicals can offer a number of benefits to users, but perhaps their ease of use is one of the best features.

When the user determines where they experience the most discomfort, all they have to do is direct the CBD cream to that area of ​​their body.

And although it is very similar to the lotions you have used in the past, remember that CBD lotions are not exactly the same. This is why when using CBD lotion, it is important to consider how much CBD you are using.

Make sure you know how much CBD is in the lotion you are choosing. And if you are new to using CBD topicals, starting with a low dose is always your best option.

Also, be patient with the CBD cream while it works on your skin. While some CBD products can take effect on the endocannabinoid system in minutes, CBD topicals can take up to an hour.

Where to get CBD cream

CBD lotion can be found both online and in stores. If you’re not sure where to find CBD topicals in your area, searching for “CBD lotions near me” or “CBD creams near me” is sure to give you a ton of results.

When it comes to buying topical CBD products, it’s all about finding a product that really pays off.

First of all, you have to be attentive to brands with a clear quality control. CBD brands that conform to the standard will display the results of their third-party testing, and should offer a certificate of analysis for each batch of product.

Also check the origin of the hemp. A reliable and powerful CBD lotion is going to use reliable and powerful hemp. Whenever possible, stick with vendors who use hemp grown in the US and treated with as few chemicals as possible.

And while hemp is a key ingredient in CBD lotion, a good formula relies on several quality ingredients. Look for CBD lotions that use additional ingredients to nourish your skin, such as aloe, sunflower oil, vitamin E, and rose water.

However, one of the easiest ways to check a CBD lotion brand is to check its reputation on the internet.

Side effects of CBD cream

People often wonder if CBD products can cause side effects, and the same questions are

do about CBD topicals:

“Does CBD cream have side effects?”

“Can CBD cream cause nausea?”

“Can CBD cream make you fail a drug test?”

Studies looking at small groups have found that, in rare cases, CBD can cause side effects such as nausea, fatigue, reduced appetite, dry mouth, and diarrhea.

However, these studies focused exclusively on CBD products intended to be digested, such as CBD edibles and sublingual oils.

With this in mind, there is a great lack of evidence that topical CBD products, such as lotions and creams, can cause these side effects.

And generally, consumers shouldn’t worry about failing a drug test when using topical CBD products, especially if the product uses CBD isolate or broad-spectrum CBD.

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