Cap.8👽16 Autoflowering in 1m² with transplant 🌱

Cap.8👽16 Autoflowering in 1m² with transplant 🌱

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Last moments


In the last moments I am going to collect what was from the washing of the roots until the day of the cut. The day of washing has been the 57th since germination. As there were 16 plants around a drain, I have done it with a multifunction hose in “shower” mode that is how it falls in the shower, a constant and oxygenated jet that makes the pot collapse later and much more water can be put in the pot per pass. As this cannot be easily measured, I am on time, that is, I spend a little over an hour circling the pots with the hose on all the time.

At the end of the wash I have prepared two liters of water per pot with the base water (400 microsiemens) with a pH of 6.5 and a somewhat higher temperature (about 25 degrees) since the tap water was at 18 degrees, which not bad at all for winter. I also let them drain for almost 15 minutes before putting them back in the Dark Box, even so the next morning I have the tray drain all the way up.

It is often said that between washing the roots and cutting it is good that there is a watering in between. Perhaps it is so that the plant really consumes all its reserves to complete its life cycle, I do not know. I have put the dehumidifier a few days so that the plant can consume all the water and can cut in a short time. 4 days after washing I can do a small irrigation with base water as well (400 microsiemens).


When the day of the cut arrives, it usually happens like in the great parties of mixed feelings. On the one hand, the joy of reaching the end in the conditions that this crop arrives, happy to finish a job that has gone well from the beginning. On the other hand, the laziness that gives cutting many times if we are going to work out of the house, I have to say that it is only lazy to start, then as I change plants I like to smell the central one well. I never smell two the same (I have 16 in this case), and they are all of the same variety. To do it well, I even close my eyes. I have taken some photos while walking, I do not know if you will appreciate the real size of the plants, I am quite happy with how it went.


Thanks to Toni13 and Cultivandomedicina for allowing me to post my follow-up here and also thanks to the sponsors who make it possible. Thanks to all who appreciate this plant and to those who need it, thanks to all the people who force me to try hard and never give up. Bafy.


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