How to make marijuana cuttings

Making marijuana cuttings from a mother plant is a process that will allow you to generate exact clones of that plant, thus maintaining the same genetic traits. It may seem quite complex, but it is not. You just need the right tools. Do you want to know how to do them? We show you!

The process of making cuttings consists of cutting a branch from the mother plant and waiting for it to take root. This is normally done in mother plants, since these are kept in the vegetative phase or in young plants in their vegetative phase. The main advantage of this technique is that it allows you to preserve the exact genetics of the plant.

What are marijuana cuttings?

If you are a beginner and still wondering what cuttings are, here you will be able to find all the information you need.

What are marijuana cuttings

When you buy a pack of marijuana seedsThese seeds have the genetics of their mother and father, but when all the seeds germinate it is possible that the plants are different. That is, they will not all be the same genetically.

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This happens because each phenotype expresses the genetics inherited from its parents in different ways. To give you a clearer idea, you can use an example if you have siblings, they all have the same parents, but they are not 100% equal to them, or to each other.

If you find a variety of cannabis and you like its characteristics, such as aroma, flavor, size or even productivity, the ideal is that you take cuttings from it.

This way you will have exact clones.

Ideal mother plant for cutting

You need to choose the mother plant from which you will make cuttings very well, since you will use it as an example to make copies of it.

If you have several cultivated varieties, choose the plant that you like the most. If you germinate several seeds of the same type of cannabis, I recommend paying close attention to all of them to select the one that you think is the best for you. Either because it is the one with the best smell, because it is the most productive or because of how fast it grows.

Once selected, you can start producing replicas by cuttings.

We leave you some traits that many expert growers look for in their plants when creating cuttings:

  • Exotic and intense smell.
  • Mild or sweet taste.
  • High power and high resin production.
  • Robust growth and manageable height.
  • Fast flowering.
  • Resistant to pests and molds.
  • Great harvests.


What do you need to make cannabis cuttings?

Tips for making marijuana cuttings

Choose the right rooting medium

In order for the cuttings to develop healthy roots, it is recommended that they be planted in an airy place where they can maintain sufficient humidity.


Use trays rock wool it will help you get better results. A plastic tray, in which you can place the cubes and keep the humidity, if you have a propagator feel free to use it to conserve the humidity around the cuttings.

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Good hygiene is very important to obtain healthy cuttings.

Wash your hands very well before starting and use gloves to touch the plants, also sterilize the area in which you are going to work and the scalpel or scissors with high graduation alcohol, with this you will prevent the cuttings or the mother plant from contracting bacteria.

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Select a branch to cut

Make sure your plant is in the vegetative phase, since if it is in the flowering phase, the cuttings can take much longer to take root. You can cut branches from both the top and the bottom, although we recommend that they be from the bottom, since they receive less light and their buds are smaller.

The most important thing is that the branches are totally healthy and with at least two knots.

Steps to make marijuana cuttings

  1. Once you have chosen the branch you must make a clean cut with an angle of 45º below the lowest node of the cutting. In this way, the area of ​​the rooting surface increases, thus helping the branch to grow rapidly.

    Make a cut below the lowest node of the cutting.

  2. When you have already made the cut, you can peel the base a little or make small incisions with the scissors or the scalpel before immersing it in the gel, this favors the appearance of the roots. After smearing the cutting in the gel, you must introduce it into the substrate and fix it well to the growing medium.
    Peel off the foundation or make a few small incisions.

    Run the bottom of the branch through the rooting gel.

  3. Once cut and passed through the rooting gel, you just have to place it on the substrate.

    Place the cutting in the substrate.

  4. By last, cut the excess leaves that were leftThis helps promote photosynthesis and favors water absorption.

    Cut off excess leaves to promote hydration.

  5. Place labels that help you differentiate the cuttings and which is their mother silver.


Since you have learned to cut, you just have to constantly monitor the plants. Make sure they have enough water for them to thrive. Some cuttings can die you must be alert to remove them quickly. The approximate time it usually takes for the roots to emerge from the cuttings is 10 to 14 days, when they are 3 to 5 centimeters long, it will be time to transport them.

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