Cap.6👽16 Autoflowering in 1m² with transplant🌱

Cap.6👽16 Autoflowering in 1m² with transplant🌱

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Seventh week from germination

The weather is crazy, and when I say crazy it is that in a couple of days the temperatures have risen 20 degrees. Incredible but true, the Vega led makes its way due to the heat it does. As there is a forecast that it will be hotter, I will leave it until the end of the crop, so as it receives little heat, it will be able to bring out colors in the last weeks.

The plants are receiving doses between 1600 and 1680 microsiemens and the amount of water per plant is 800ml. The temperatures of these last days with the Led Vega have been similar to those of the Solux Lec Selecta II, in both cases the average temperature was 27 degrees and the humidity was around 50%. Crop overview:

The fragrance of the Auto-13 is increasing but for now it can be controlled with a 125 active carbon filter in its last cycle and an Ozotres model C2 ozone generator. If I have to make a personal assessment of these seeds and at the height of cultivation that we find, it is that the Auto-13 (non-commercial) They are all-terrain vehicles that are difficult to stress either with transplantation, with changes in temperature, atmospheric pressure, changes in light … and this in autoflowering plants is what makes the difference. That’s why it’s perfect for people who are just starting out and want something tough and good.

I am applying the maximum doses of compost, not a leaf has curled. Not even the plants in the background with thinner and elongated leaves have noticed anything of the 1800 microsiemens, in the following week I will put the second fan to lower the humidity since the buds of some plants are becoming “dangerous”. On the one hand I love it and on the other I suffer hahaha.

Keep going…

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