Cannabis hypocrisy X: good and bad.

Cannabis hypocrisy X: good and bad.

I think the “bad guys” are getting nervous with certain statements that are made, disobeying the roadmap that they set. When I refer to the bad guys, I don’t mean the poor devil who grows with a pair of 600w spotlights and sells 4 snitches to his friends to survive and pay the rent for the apartment, the bills and the food. No and a thousand times no, this person ain’t no camel, no criminal, he is a survivor and just like he does, I would too. This is my opinion on these good people, make it clear and don’t confuse people of what I really think.

And now I’m going to make it clear who are the bad guys and the good guys:

  1. The great hashish drug trade that goes from Morocco to Spain, shit by tons, pure shit, because what they call hashish. It is a mixture of very little marijuana, a lot of sand, even human shit, sticky substances and other crap. Whoever consumes that garbage does not even know what they smoke, because as I have told you before, a laboratory analyzed this hashish. and it contained traces of the E coli bacteria. 100% of this mob is bad.
  2. Marijuana trafficking which is produced on a large scale throughout our country. Groups of people who come together in a common goal, to produce marijuana in a big way for money, big plantations in any place they get (underground, in greenhouses, in flats, anywhere). Usually they are hooked to collective light, if they rent apartments they leave them destroyed, they are true ticks. 100% of this mob is bad.
  3. Associations and clubs Here we must distinguish 2 well differentiated groups:
  • TO- There are those who have hired people and have a collective cultivation to supply the quota of registered members. They grow, pay for electricity and distribute marijuana fairly. There is no benefit and everything falls for the welfare of its members. 100% of these people are good.
  • B- They believe that the world is an egg and they want to suck only them, they believe that the rest of us are sheep at their mercy. Presumably they resort to the black market, they buy and sell, they don’t care about the quality of the product and on some occasions, it is authentic outdoor garbage, which they sell at the price of gold. 100% of this mob is bad.

Self-cultivation it is the true green heart. To this day, in Spain they are the only and true activists who fight against the bad guys, they self-cultivate their marijuana and in their meetings a good vibes are usually appreciated, free of fights, it is our cannabis culture that makes us that way. 100% of these people are good.

Apart from the economic destruction that bad people create and the corruption that this black money generates, we cannot forget the two daggers that are nailing good people:

The first dagger is at the ideological level. They presumably defend regularization, that is, they want an illegal substance to be transported by kilos as if it were the basket of Little Red Riding Hood. Presumably they want to deal and keep putting the pot. They allegedly pay trolls to allegedly intoxicate information from social networks and forums mainly. A single one of them can have many nicknames to sow the fear of legalization. They often say that when marijuana is legalized the state will create a monopoly that will prohibit self-cultivation.

The second dagger is the one that hurts the most. These multiniks advise and support crazy and contradictory cultivation techniques, with the sole purpose that newcomers fail in their attempt to thus have clients to sell to. Generally his advice is:

  • The PH and EC are not worth anything, I do not measure them and pass the gr / w.
  • I irrigate with water alone and my marijuana is very good.
  • I do apical pruning in automatic plants and put them in pots of 3 liters and I pass 50 grams.
  • Well, I grow outdoors and I don’t use any preventive product and I take clean half-kilo plants.

Whoever follows these tips is sure not to finish the harvest, and if they do, they are sick plants full of bugs, fungi and other atrocities. Please ignore these slogans they give, as most trolls have never even cultivated and know nothing.

I will end by saying what I always say when it comes to legalizing that it has to be done by people who know the cannabis culture and take the good from the countries that are already legalized and discard what does not work. It is simple, with good will and good faith, we will have the best legalization in the world and those who will win the most will be the consumers who will buy marijuana, quality marijuana that will create jobs and wealth for the country. The bad ones will have their days numbered: LEGALIZATION

Good fumes.

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