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Thursday, November 21, 2019 14:15:37 (Europe / Paris)

If you’ve ever heard of tucked away, but you would not know how to define them well, then it is convenient for you to understand first what we mean by that term. On Power Cogollo, in addition to having products such as cannabis vaporizer, we are specialists in this matter. In fact, it is about aromatic components that are found in many plants and that have positive properties on living beings. In the case of cannabis terpenes, depending on the variety, there are several that can be extracted and from which you can benefit.

Some of the terpenes in cannabis and their therapeutic uses

While there are numerous terpenos del cannabis, and it is probable that current research allows the use of new routes, we will mention three of the most common and the therapeutic use that can be made of them:

  • Linalol. It is a floral scent that is also present, for example, in lavender. It has great medicinal value and is used as an analgesic and anesthetic. In addition, it also has anxiolytic properties and allows it to work to alleviate seizures.

  • Limonelo. It is present in several plants, but its presence stands out in citrus fruits. It is a fairly common carbohydrate, and it results from the synthesis of other terpenes. Among the therapies that can be developed from it, it stands out as a solution to treat gastric problems, although it is also very common in skin conditions.

  • Cariofileno. We close the list with the least known by name. Actually, this compound is also present in pepper, and that is why its flavor and aroma may be familiar to you. As for the therapies in which it is used, it stands out as an anti-inflammatory, as well as an anticoagulant. It is also common to use it as a protector of the digestive system and has properties that repel insects and fungi.

As you can see, the properties of the cannabis plant they can be almost infinite. Therefore, the therapeutic use of it has been developing for a long time. On Power Cogollo we are a grow shop specialized in different types of seeds, as well as in all kinds of accessories for domestic consumers. Among the novelties that we have in our store, we highlight the cannabis vaporizer, which we encourage you to discover. Do not miss our catalog and contact us without obligation if you have any questions.

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