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From the moment we plant the seed or the cutting until we see the first leaves, and from when they appear until the development is complete, How long does it take in the case of the feminized autoflowering seeds?

Well, there are two answers, depending on whether we control the temperature and light conditions indoors, or we keep the plant outdoors, at the expense of natural climatic conditions, in which case we must soak up patience, like Saint Job, because it involves long periods.

But let’s get to the point, or in this case, to the seed …

From seed to seedling. It is the germination phase. From the moment we plant it until the seedling appears, which is when the first leaves appear.

It is, perhaps, the shortest phase, and can be reduced to hours, between 30 and 72 hours, if we control the conditions indoors. If not, we are talking about a period of between 3 and 10 days.

From seedling to plant proper. Vegetative phase. It is the growth time of the plant itself, until it acquires the size and shape of its condition. What we could equate with childhood, until we obtain a full-fledged silver, of legal age we would say in the human world. Before starting the development of flowering.

Outdoors it is one of the longest periods: between 2 and 5 months, but it can be reduced to two in case of indoor control. And it also all depends on when you germinate outdoors. Plants in our latitude and climate conditions in Spain allow us to germinate seeds from mid-March to June, thus allowing them to grow until early or mid-August.

In autoflowering plants, growth takes place for 3 to 5 weeks from germination

Development or flowering. It is the adult life of the plant, in which it will complete its flowering, giving the best of itself. These are periods of between 8 to 14 weeks, although this will depend a lot on the care you receive during this stage and also the variety you choose to grow.

In short, and in the case of feminized photodependent seeds, it will not be until the 4th or 7th month after germination that we will be in front of a lady plant, with all its own characteristics in full swing, as long as we control the environmental and development conditions. of our guest. If we do not talk about much longer periods. Of course, if the conditions are optimal, do not hesitate … the wait will have been worth it.

In the case of autoflowering seeds, flowering will take from the first appearance of the hairs declaring the sex, between 4 to 7 weeks until reaching its optimum point.

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