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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 2:22:26 PM (Europe / Paris)

If you have a small marijuana crop at home, the first thing you should know is that this is a plant that requires special care. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a set of LEC lighting for indoor growing. Did you know that the so-called cannabis gastronomy has become popular in recent years? There are numerous recipes for using marijuana in the kitchen, highly appreciated by medicinal users. It is a great alternative since smoking, regardless of the substance, is not good for your health.

The keys to cooking with marijuana

If you also want to encourage yourself to use marijuana in the kitchen, there are two essential aspects. THC is the psychoactive compound best known of this plant. To be activated and the digestive system can digest and assimilate it, it needs heat, we call this process decarboxylation. Also, you should know that THC is not soluble in water, although it is soluble in alcohol and fat.

So that you understand it in a simple way: if you prepare a marijuana infusion You must do it with animal milk because it contains fats that fix the psychoactive substance. Therefore, when cooking with this plant, we recommend having a marijuana butter prepared, made from dairy derivatives. This butter can then be added to any recipe.

If this is your first time consuming foods with cannabis, it is best to start with low doses. The effect takes between 30 and 120 minutes to appear, approximately. Once it takes over the body, it is much more intense and long-lasting than when marijuana is smoked.

As for the question of how much marijuana to use for cooking, the truth is that there is no exact answer. And there are some varieties that barely reach 10% THC, while others exceed 25%. For example, to prepare 500 grams of butter from this plant you need about 60 grams of leaves or 20 grams of buds.

If you are looking for a system LEC lighting for indoor growing of quality and at a good price, in Power Cogollo we can offer you exactly what you need.

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