Calcium for your Marijuana Plants

An important part of the development of plants, not only those of marijuana, is based on calcium. Like human beings we need this chemical element among other aspects to strengthen bones or teeth, in the case of plants calcium plays a leading role in the production of enzymes that allow the creation of a root structure strong as well as in other processes of vital importance for development such as photosynthesis.

What is calcium and why should you not lose sight of it?

If you dedicate yourself to the private cultivation of cannabis, calcium is one of those products that you cannot miss at home, and that we have in our category of additives for cultivation. Although it is true that compared to other types of nutrients it is not essential for the development of your plants (as is the trio formed by nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, also called NPK), if you forget to include it in your crops will probably end up having serious problems with the development of your marijuana.

Without this second-degree chemical element, plants begin to show deficiencies. Are appear slowly but progress is progressive and finally they cause the growth to stagnate and the leaves to yellow or burn, depending on whether there has been a deficiency or a poisoning by this component.

And now that you know what calcium is, you may be wondering what exactly its role is in the development process of your marijuana plants. Let’s see it in a summarized way in the following scheme:

  • The production and cell development of plants depends to a great extent on calcium, since it is precisely thanks to this that cell membranes are permeable. Good cell production will allow the plant to be strong and vigorous in stems, branches and of course in the roots.
  • A resistant and well-developed root system, thanks to the presence of calcium, will allow a better absorption of other essential nutrients, including potassium, which is very important so that the pH levels in the crop remain stable.
  • Thanks to calcium, marijuana plants mature at the right time. It is a substance that delays the premature aging of the plant and that thanks to this allows you to obtain higher quality fruits.
  • Are you worried about the health of your plants? Maintaining good calcium levels ensures that your crops are better protected against common threats such as fungi and pests. Calcium in addition helps the absorption of some vitamins such as B12 whose role is essential in maintaining an efficient immune system.
  • You already know that marijuana plants are very sensitive to changes and any variation in their habitat can be a source of stress. With the correct intake of calcium they will be better prepared to face some of these changes, for example those that have to do with the sudden increase in temperature, as they are provided with proteins that help them to cope with those thermal shocks.

Common mistakes made by cannabis growers in relation to calcium in crops

bugs calcium plants cannabisPerhaps due to ignorance or due to overprotection, the control of calcium in a marijuana crop is an aspect that brings many cannabiculturists, even the most expert, into a headache. There are those who are not aware of its importance and seem to completely ignore the subject. Others on the other hand, believing that they do something beneficial for their plants, feed them with an excessive contribution of this element causing adverse effects.

Here’s how to identify the characteristic symptoms of calcium deficiency or intoxication in your marijuana plants and how to remedy them before it’s too late.

Calcium deficiency problems in marijuana cultivation

In general, the problems of lack of calcium in marijuana plants are more common in aeroponic and hydroponic crops, as they are two modalities in which the substrates used are inert. In any case, it can also occur in soil crops and if your substrate tends to show high pH levels, you can assume that you are having problems with a lack of calcium.

In any case there is a fairly visual way to find out that your plants are experiencing this deficiency. If you look at its leaves you will see that you are they start to yellow and that development in the upper part of the plant has stopped. This is because the root system is also smaller and therefore the nutrients that your plant is capable of absorbing cannot reach all areas equally, especially the highest ones.

To tackle the problem as soon as possible, solutions of two parts of calcium to one of magnesium are used. In a few days you will notice how the panorama begins to improve.

Calcium overdose in marijuana cultivation

Another frequent problem is that of growers overprotectors that are believed that by adding more calcium to your plants they will obtain better results. However, the only thing they find is burnt leaves or small black dots on the surface. The excess of calcium has blocked the absorption of other nutrients such as iron, manganese or potassium, the plant is intoxicated and also has serious breathing problems.

The solution is through change the nutrient solution in the reservoir that we are using for irrigation in such a way that we can readjust it to the new needs and of course do a root wash so that the minerals and nutrients can circulate normally after the obstruction caused by excess calcium.

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