The best Stimulators for Growing Marijuana

The dream of every grower is that at harvest time he can collect large, chubby and resinous fruits. Obviously, this is not something that is achieved spontaneously or overnight, but is the result of a whole process in which many factors come into play.

From the variety of cannabis you have selected to the conditions in which the plant has developed, without overlooking your expertise as a grower and of course some tricks that will help you fatten The fruit of the harvest, all the details are important in obtaining the desired results. But if you really want to give your marijuana plants a key boost at a key moment in the formation of buds to obtain more productive crops, you should definitely resort to flowering stimulators. Do you already know which one is the best for your crop? We explain it to you below.

What is the bloom enhancer and when is it used?

As its name suggests, a flowering enhancer or stimulator is a type of additive that is used to thicken and harden the buds in marijuana plants. In other words, a product that makes your plants more prolific and your crops gain both in weight and in quality.

What do these types of products carry? In general, they are fertilizers based on sugars and molasses, which is what will make the flowers have a much more intense flavor since by absorbing them they will be able to generate their own natural sugars. Depending on the brand, you can find flowering stimulators of different composition, but there are basically three types:

  1. Biologicals: They are mild stimulants, so unlike the other types of enhancers, their use can be extended without problems throughout the flowering period.
  2. Biominerales: They are usually applied from the third week of flowering and apart from molasses and sugars they have an important content of potassium and phosphorus.
  3. Minerals or chemicals: Does it sound like you have read that PK on some label? It is what identifies this type of fertilizer that should be used very carefully between the fourth and fifth week of flowering and always monitoring the quantities if you do not want to obtain exactly the opposite effect.

Each type of crop has its moment

When using flowering stimulators, it is important to note that each type of crop has specific characteristics. Apart from the instructions and recommendations of each manufacturer, it will be very easy for you to use this type of enhancers to obtain more succulent crops if you do not lose sight of this simple scheme:

  • Indoor crops: fertilizers and additives to stimulate flowering are applied between weeks 4 and 6 of cultivation.
  • Outdoor crops: If you are going to use flowering enhancers, you should normally do it between August 20 and September 10.

The most popular flowering stimulators on the market

You have flowering enhancers of all types, brands and prices, but do they all offer the same benefits? Do they all adapt the same to your needs?

In the use of these types of products there are a lot of personal tastes but some of the experiences of other growers as well as the checks that we have been able to do ourselves with many of these products may help you when making a decision about what type of enhancer to apply to your plants to obtain the results that meet the expectations you had.

Here we leave you with a list of the three best rated flowering stimulators and a brief description of their characteristics and ways of use.

Delta Nine by Cannabiogen

how to use delta 9 cannabiogen

It has more than a decade of history and is still a favorite among Spanish cannabis growers. The most successful product on the national market is undoubtedly the Delta 9 from Cannabiogen, a stimulator of flowering of a biological and especially recommended for those who grow organically.

What is it that has made it so popular? On the one hand, Delta 9 is a very simple product to use. It is sprayed on the plants at the beginning of flowering and subsequently the operation is repeated, adding product to the irrigation water approximately every 10 days and until the middle of the flowering period. This will be more than enough to give a good boost to the formation of buds, increase the final quality of the product and of course make them generate much more resin and have much more flavor.

Blossom Blaster de Grotek

In this case, it is a flowering stimulator in powder format that can be used in all types of crops and with any base medium. It begins to be used at the beginning of the flowering period and the treatment lasts during the first three weeks in which the plant is developing its flowers. Of course, you will not see the results until the end, but assume that if you follow the process to the letter you will be pleasantly surprised.

Simply apply Blossom Blaster twice a week during that treatment period for the plant to benefit from its high in phosphorus and potassium, perfect to strengthen the roots and to improve the transport of the sugars produced during photosynthesis, which are what will give flavor to your buds.

Organic Boost de Canna

bio boost canna how to use it

The product applies only during the first two weeks of flowering and twice a week and it will provide you with buds on all branches of the plant. In addition, it can be mixed with all kinds of nutrients (as long as they are chemical, because it is not worth mixing chemical and organic). Those who use it (and who, of course, become unconditional of this product) assure that by applying it according to the manufacturer’s instructions you can even double the normal production of your crop.

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